Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Australian Muslim scholar: "“Allah created paradise for Muslims to be rewarded and hell for the Kuffar to be punished"

The Al-Furqan centre in Springvale South.

He also says Muslims should not pledge allegiance to anything but Allah and that "Australian values are the values of the Kuffar (unbelievers). Your religion is not their values"

But remember, PM Tony Abbott and other Western leaders tell us Islam is a religion of peace and Harun Mehicevic is just misunderstanding Islamic doctrine and really doesn't mean what he says.

From the Herald Sun April 21 by James Dowling, Sam Landy, Aleks Devic and Tom Minear

Harun Mehicevic hits out at Australian values in Al-Furqan rants

HARUN Mehicevic, the leader of Al-Furqan Islamic Information Centre, appears to many to be a polite family man.

Since fleeing the Balkans war in the early 1990s he has carved out a life for himself in Melbourne’s Bosnian heartland of Noble Park.

But put a microphone in his hand, and 20 or 30 impressionable youths in front of him, and his deep-seated hatred of “Australian values” soon becomes apparent.

“Australian values are the values of the Kuffar (unbelievers). Your religion is not their values.

“They will not stop fighting you until you give up your religion or are martyred,” he told a gathering of his devout followers at his Springvale South bookshop.

In a recorded lecture after Australia Day — one in a series he gave in 2012 — Mr Mehicevic warned his followers not to take the oath of citizenship pledging allegiance to a “kuffar” government.

“Be careful what they ask us to say. There is no bayah (pledge) to Kuffar (unbeliever). We can only give a bayah to a Muslim leader,” Mr Mehicevic said.

“The (Australian) flag should be a warning to you that we do not belong here. It is a flag of the people of the Cross.”

He ended each lecture with a prayer that “Allah will help the mujahideen (holy warriors)” establish an Islamic State where Muslims can live with “dignity and honour”.

Now five of those with links to controversial clerics at Al-Furqan, and who may have listened to his lectures, have been arrested over an alleged plot to kill police officers.

An Al-Furqan statement released last night said: “We wish to clarify that there was no connection between Al-Furqan centre and these raids, and that claims to the contrary are unfounded and misleading.”

Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright said police had concerns about Al-Furqan but “risks and opportunities” had to be balanced before any move was made to close it.

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