Monday, April 13, 2015

Islamic State hacks Atlantic City Gaming Authority website

The cyber-war continues, and the Islamic State IT department is very good at it.

From the Press of Atlantic City April 12

CRDA website restored after being hacked by supporters of the Islamic State

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
's website has been restored after being hacked and replaced with a black screen and a list of poorly-spelled demands and pro-terrorism messages.

The hack may have been done by supporters of the Islamic State. The site says it was done by Team System DZ.

The site's message reads, "I am Muslim and I love jihad I love isis <3 .="" a="" all="" and="" been="" br="" by="" cemeteries.="" dignity="" dwell="" equip="" especially="" for="" from="" governments.="" governments="" have="" hypocrites="" in="" infidels.="" intervenes="" islamic="" it="" killed="" land="" list="" message="" muslims.="" muslims="" of="" peoples="" purge="" restore="" rights="" savage="" state="" the="" to="" unjust.="" who="" will="" world="" you="" your="">
The message ends with a expletive against the U.S. and Israel.

It's not immediately clear when the hack happened. A message to the FBI's Newark field office was not immediately returned.

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