Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Islamic State Family

Thousands of Western Muslims have joined the Islamic State, now it seems whole families are joining.  What would make a family decide to travel to Iraq and join the Islamic State?  What appeal is there and where are they learning it from?  To answer these questions would entail talking honestly about Islamic texts and teachings, and that would be Islamophobic.

From Reuters April 20 by Orhan Coskun

Turkish police detain British family thought to be headed for Syria

(Reuters) - Turkish police have arrested a British couple and their four young children on suspicion of seeking to travel to a part of Syria controlled by Islamic State militants, officials said on Monday.

Asif Malik, his partner Sara, and the four children - who are aged between less than 12 months and 7 years old - were detained at a hotel in an industrial district in the capital Ankara, a Turkish security official said.

British police said on Sunday the family had not been seen or heard from for almost two weeks and was thought to be heading to Syria. They appealed for information on their whereabouts after relatives voiced concern.

A British Foreign Office official confirmed that a couple and their children believed to be the missing family had been detained in Ankara and said British authorities were in touch with their Turkish counterparts.

The Turkish official said the family had crossed into Turkey by land via the town of Kirklareli near the Greek border on April 16 and that they had been detained after a tip-off from the British police.

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