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Islam: abusing children since 622AD, pt 2

The depths of Islamic depravity seems to know no bounds.  The problem with the Islamic gene pool is that no one has poured any chlorine into it for almost 1400 years.  The marriage of first cousins, as much the butt of bad jokes here in the US, is a very real problem in England, with the consequences being children born with defects and other medical problems.

A growing crisis, once again targeting children and the Islamic demand to breed without concern.

...and the children will lead...

From the Mail Online June 3 by Sue Reid

It's time to confront this taboo: First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk

Cruel: Many Muslims are forced to marry a cousin in order to keep wealth and assets within the family
Cruel: Many Muslims are forced to marry a cousin in order to
keep wealth and assets within the family

The man wept as he told how his beautiful, dark-eyed child died in a hospital cot with medical tubes snaking from his frail body as nurses fought unsuccessfully to save him. Sick with pneumonia, the two-year-old gave up the battle for life.

A rare tragedy, you might think, in  modern Britain, with all the advances of medical science.

But in the terraced streets of Bradford, Yorkshire, a child’s death is anything but rare. At the boy’s inquest, coroner Mark Hinchliffe said Hamza Rehman had died because his Pakistan-born parents (shopkeeper Abdul and housewife Rozina) are first cousins. Four years before, Hamza’s older sister, three-month-old Khadeja, had died of the same brain disorder which causes fits, sickness and chest infections. The couple had another baby born with equally devastating neurological problems.  

A heartbroken Mr Rehman told the inquest that he and his wife were unsure whether to have any more children. The coroner expressed deep sympathy before saying that Hamza’s death should serve as a warning to others.

He said: ‘This highlights a cultural and religious issue relating to first-cousin marriages and the potential risk to children that some medical experts say can result from such unions.’

The coroner chose his words carefully, since he was addressing one of the most controversial — and taboo — subjects in multi-cultural Britain: marriage between cousins in the Muslim communities which has left hundreds, if not thousands, of children damaged or dead.
I wonder what the stats are regarding first cousins marriages among Jews, or Christians, or Buddhists, or Druids, or Mennonites...
 This week, leading geneticist Professor Steve Jones, of University College London, warned that ‘inbreeding’ in Islamic communities was threatening the health of generations of children.

Careful, Dr. Jones.  You could be branded a "Islamophobe" for that remark.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shatiah said...

Approximately 45% of all Muslim immigrants are on public assistance. This statistic holds true in all Western countries. Tax payers and an over burdened medical system that is already rationing health care, must pay enormous amounts of money to treat and maintain every single one of these fragile, medically needy children. This is jihad by wallet! When will the West finally "grow a pair" and begin saying NO to the Muslim minority? Every Western nation needs to outlaw this misery producing and very expensive "custom" of 1st cousin marriage. To continue producing children with multiple and grave genetic abnormalities is cruel, wildly irresponsible and costly to a society forced to pay for the care of these unfortunate children.