Saturday, June 4, 2011

Northern Sudan to UN demand to leave Abjei: what, are you kidding?

July 8 is the looming date for the separation of north and south Sudan.  Bashir of the Islamic north has been pushing his forces into the disputed soon-to-be border town of Abyei, displacing and murdering the locals in order to solidify power and create a FOB (forward operating base) from which he can launch more incursions.  The south has all the riches, the north has all that sand.  It is logical for Islam to look on the south as another non-Islamic stronghold to attack and conquer.

The UN is powerless, as Bashir is supported by the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) from which arms, logistics and support come.  We will see another Darfur in the near future, the West will wonder how this happened, and the world will yawn...again.

From Reuters/Yahoo June 4 by Alex Dziadosz

Northern Sudan dismisses U.N. call for troops to quit Abyei 

KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Khartoum on Saturday dismissed calls by the U.N. Security Council for it to withdraw its forces immediately from Abyei, the disputed region of divided Sudan they seized on May 21.

A senior official of the northern government in Khartoum said the dispute would be resolved only through north-south negotiations, not pressure from the council.

"This arrangement by government forces is a temporary arrangement. The only solution for the two parties is to find a solution different from referendum or to conduct the referendum," said Rabie Abdelati, an information ministry official and senior member of the ruling northern party.

"I don't see any justification for the United Nations Security Council to be involved."

South Sudan is scheduled to secede and become an independent country in about five weeks, and there has been no agreement on which state should control the fertile, oil-producing region of Abyei on the ill-defined border between them.

A referendum on whether it should be part of the north or south was marred by disputes over who should be allowed to vote. The region is used all year by Dinka Ngok people linked to the south and part of the year by northern Arab Misseriya nomads.

The security council condemned Khartoum's continued military control of Abyei in a unanimous statement, calling it a "serious violation" of north-south peace accords.

It expressed concern at an influx of Misseriya into Abyei town that "could force significant changes in the ethnic composition of the area."

From animist/polytheist and Christian to followers of Muhammad.  History shows that is always a bad thing.

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