Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"These rockets originated in Iran and were being transferred to the Taliban at the behest of the Iranian regime"

Iran has been playing this double-game for decades, why there is surprise and scorn is anyones guess.  It is no secret Iran supports Hamas, Hizballah and other Islamic strongmen, the Taliban are just another link in the doctrine of conquering however it can be achieved. 

Muhammad said it best, "War is deceit"

From the BBC June 6 by Allan Urry

Iran's illegal arms trade: 'Hypocritical and dangerous'

British troops on patrol in Gereshk, Afghanistan

"Hypocritical, two-faced and highly dangerous."

Strong words from British Foreign Office Minister, Alistair Burt, referring to Iran's flouting of UN sanctions to sell arms to militant organisations like the Taliban.

Mr Burt's fury was sparked by a consignment of powerful rockets which was discovered in February in the hands of insurgents on an Afghan battlefield.
Investigators found the rockets were fitted with fuses which could only have come from Iran.

"Iran knows exactly what it's doing," Mr Burt told the BBC.

Of course they do, the problem is that we don't know what we, and they, are doing.

"On the one hand it claims to want to come back into the international community, and the next thing they're doing something that it knows is contrary to what the international community has decided."

The BBC has seen a letter from the UK Mission to the United Nations, addressed to the chairman of the Security Council committee on Iran, which states without hesitation that Tehran supplied the rockets to the Taliban.

"These rockets originated in Iran and were being transferred to the Taliban at the behest of the Iranian regime," writes Philip Parham, Charge d'Affaires to the UK Mission.

And this is only one of a number of recent incidents which provide damning evidence of Tehran's involvement in arms smuggling to Afghanistan and elsewhere.

One such case involved former Royal Marine Andrew Faulkner, who was jailed for two-and-a-half years last year after he admitted trying to smuggle high specification rifle sights to Iran.

Not long ago the weapon of choice for Taliban fighting UK troops in Afghanistan was the improvised explosive device (IED), but in the last 15 months there has been an increase in the number of soldiers shot dead by Taliban marksmen.

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