Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why 72 virgins?

The rewards in heaven include flowing rivers of wine, all the food you can eat and the ever-present 72 virgins.  Ever wonder why the number 72 and where it comes from?

Me too.  Avi Perry explains it all.

From PROnlineNews April 21 by Avi Perry

The notion of the 72 virgins in Islamic paradise explained 

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Islamic leaders, seeking to motivate would be suicide bombers, inducing them to commit murder in the name of Allah, have been quoting Islamic sources, which promise 72 Virgins in Paradise to those who kill and are killed in Jihad for Allah. ( Sahih Bukhari 3:46:718 )

Many Muslims, especially those exposed to Western culture, are aware of the jokes and the ridicule that the 72 Virgins legend has brought upon them and upon their brother believers. Consequently, they blame the Jews for spreading the myth in an attempt to downgrade the image of the Islamic “freedom fighters”.

Despite the disclaimer by some Muslims, the truth is very clear. The 72 Virgins notion has its origins in the Qur’an. Although the holy book does not specify the number as 72, it does say that those who fight in the way of Allah and are killed will be given a great reward. It goes on to stipulate that Muslims will be awarded with women in Islamic heaven. It even describes their physical attributes—large eyes (Q 56:22) and big, firm, round “swelling breasts” that are not inclined to sagging (Q 78:33). The Qur’an refers to these virgins as houri, companions of equal age, but the highly-flavored emphasis of their bodily characteristics, including their virginity, gave rise to many hadiths and other Islamic writings.

Hadith 2687 is where the number 72 is mentioned. “The smallest reward for the people of Heaven is an abode where there are eighty thousand servants and 72 houri, over which stands a dome decorated with pearls, aquamarine and ruby, as wide as the distance from al-Jabiyyah to San’a.”

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Jay Knott said...

So what's your point? The Christian heaven is also full of virgins: old ones playing harps. I know which one I'd prefer!

Zener said...

I've long wondered about different religions espousing the the beauty and glamor of heaven with gold, jewels, etc. If those things are supposed to be non-relevant or ignored in this stage of life, then why is it then that we are supposed to look forward to these in heaven?

Anonymous said...

Bibles that I've read does not say anything about men getting virgins or people playing harps. Lord Jesus (12:25) "When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven." Do we REALLY know what angels do?
2nd. When Apostle Paul witnessed the gospel in Athene. He was respectful Greece people not offending their pagan beliefs. Can we do the same? Last. This explains where derogatory word woman comes from (houri - whore).

Anonymous said...

Jay Knott and Zener,

Are you really unaware that images like people playing harps and gold are metaphors for a heavenly paradise? The reason they are used is because in *this* world we value things like beauty and wealth, and so in order to communicate the unsurpassable beauty and riches of heaven, earthly metaphors are necessary.

Anonymous said...

how much of "our" money is being spent by the jooz on this brain-dead site?

Barry Sommer said...

As to the "Jooz" and the money they spend on this "brain-dead" site is exactly ZERO! I get no money from anyone, this bolg is entirely done with the thought of education and dissemination of in formation. If there is some great Zionist conspiracy, I have yet to get the memo. AS to brain-dead, what exactly is the problem? Point out something that is incorrect or wrong and I will correct it. Otherwise, your ad hominum attacks are typical of those who cannot make a cogent or rational argument and can only revert to juvenile name-calling. Would you like to "nyaa nyaa" me some more, or are you done?

Anonymous said...

The shocking reality will be when they sacrifice there pathetic lives,get to Heaven and find out the reason why the 72 are Virgins. (When they lift there Burqa's)

Anonymous said...

The Religion of Islam in not a religion. It is a barbaric, women oppressing, intolerant authoritarian take over scheme.

Just look up shariah law, which is the "ten commandments' of this putrid 'religion'.

I tell mohammad to go fuck himself with a pork sausage.

sasha miller said...

Where's my comment

sasha miller said...

Really I just typed the truth and they erased it it has something like swampy Cree in it thanks for that not at all cool

sasha miller said...

WELL AGAIN I wrote about how all your religions are not right all repress woman children elders and expect the land to yield to man. why are you excepting the wrong seeing how it's distroying all living beings why can't u just see your generations of dismay and know that your are only suppose to live as my people did for a very long time until a religion repressed us and all other religions would have done the same .NATURAL LAW our creator and all living beings seen or not are looking to connect with our spirit Where in any religion does it say to keep natural law everything healthy and people at peace with discussions there was never starving or homelessness our people all had a job to connect with our purpose THINK your on turtle island our land was kept in the way the creator intended just as any aborigines have done even after being called pagins and having such a disscuriging dismantled worth of entitlement such as being given a land to care for I am talking with all living beings and also remind u that there is a Web connected to us everything and our CREATOR

sasha miller said...


sasha miller said...

Also you are all my brother sister cousin mom dad love children hope dream and life

Alex said...

The real origin of the virgins is a mistaken translation from HEBREW!
The last paragraph of the monumental book called the MISHNA, written around the year 200 states that God may give the righteous 310 worlds ['OLAMOT] but the Muslims must have read 'ALAMOT, which means young girls.