Thursday, June 13, 2013

Christians almost gone in the Middle East, the West does nothing

2,000 years ago you could throw a stone anywhere in the Levant and hit a Christian.  Today that stone would instead would smack a Muslim.  Christians are becoming as rare as hens teeth, and the main reason is Islamic persecution.

Look across the entire Middle East and you see flames and war with radical Islamists fighting either governments or each other with Christians in the crossfire"

No Western leader is interested in coming to the aid of Christians, but they are willing to fawn all over themselves to give aid to the jihadists trying to topple Assad in Syria, in support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the phoenix rising jihad happening in Turkey with Erdogan and his Islamization programs.  The founders of the Middle East are going by the wayside, soon they will be a footnote in the history books.  

I am ashamed of my dear leaders.

From the Toronto Sun June 9 by Simon Kent

Christians face being driven from the Middle East

This could be the greatest story never told.

The Arab Spring has turned to bitter mid-winter for Christians across the Middle East.

Members of orthodox faiths are being driven from their biblical heartlands by hard line Muslim governments with no toleration of religious diversity.

All behind the increasingly opaque veil of chaos and civil war as the rest of the world looks the other way.

The exodus comes just 24-months into the biggest political upheaval in a generation, according to Father Peter-Michael Preble, an Orthodox priest with the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas.

He says Christians are the single most persecuted minority in countries including Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria Iraq, Iran and the Lebanon.

The Southbridge, Mass. priest points to the recent kidnapping of two prominent Orthodox bishops by rebel Syrian fighters as evidence of the bind Christians find themselves in.

“Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Boulos Yaziji were both taken after they were tried to negotiate the release of two other Orthodox priests being held for ransom,” Preble told the Toronto Sun.

“Sadly, they were also outspoken in highlighting the threat to religious tolerance from the conflict engulfing their country. “They were warning against a Christian holocaust.

“Look across the entire Middle East and you see flames and war with radical Islamists fighting either governments or each other with Christians in the crossfire.

“At the political level it is the Muslim Brotherhood making life very difficult for the faithful. Christians have made their lives in those countries for millennia yet now face the prospect of either being murdered or banished forever.”

Preble says the entire Judeo-Christian heritage that once underpinned the region is threatened with collapse.

(.) In an effort to raise public awareness of the plight of the faithful, Father Preble has written to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and asked him to work for the release of the captive priests.

So far he has heard no response but warns the fate of Christians in the Syrian city of Homs may be one that awaits all followers in the area.

“Opposition fighters have driven out 80,000 Christians from the Homs region alone and they know they can never return,” Preble said. “Their churches have been destroyed, businesses taken and their future denied. What if this pattern is repeated across all of Syria and the persecution of the Copts in Egypt goes on?

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