Thursday, March 14, 2013

Intellectual dishonesty on full display in San Francisco

KQED radio talkshow host Michael Krasny had a discussion recently on the MUNI bus ads placed by Pamela Geller and the AFDI.  The ads are in response to a bus ad campaign by Hamas-linked CAIR which tells the viewers that jihad is meeting new people, working out and struggling to be the best one can be.  The AFDI ads copied the design, but the messages were from people such as bin-Laden, the Times Square bomber, the Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and they quote those people, using their words to point out that jihad is not just working out, but also working on killing the infidel and destroying the West.  It's called context and for that she has been vilified and demonized by those who you would think are smarter than how they present themselves.

The guests were Geller, VP of the SF Board of Supervisors David Chiu and local Muslim activist Jess Ghannam, professor of clinical psychiatry and global health at UCSF.  The discussion was supposed to be on the reasons behind the ads and a spirited narrative on free speech and the validity of these kinds of ads.  Instead, we get to hear almost 30 minutes of ad hominum attacks, character smears and a host of accusations, falling just short of accusing Geller of eating babies.  Not once did either Ghannam or Chiu (mostly Ghannam) address the quotes used, jihad as practiced by those in the ads or any aspect of how Islamic texts are used to justify jihad behavior.  They know that they cannot dispute, on theological grounds what jihadists say, therefore the only path they can take to quiet the truth-tellers is attack the messenger and ignore the message.

This is the tactic of Islam, in cahoots with leftists, apologists and their water-carriers; eliminating the ability of you and me to question Islam, Muslims or anything deemed insulting or demeaning.  Question the meaning of jihad using Islamic tenets and you will be shouted down, marginalized and demonized, ask why Muslims kill in the name of Muhammad and Allah and you will be called Islamophobic, point out Muhammad married a 6 year old and consummated the marriage at age 9 and you are a racist, or worse.  Ghannam and Chiu refuse to see anything but hatred and a call to violence by Geller's ads, and have no voice to condemn the ideology which drives the murders of non-Muslims in the name of jihad.  Where is the outrage?  It is directed at the one who points out the outrage, not those who perpetrate the outrage.  A moral emptiness that should not be allowed to have credible weight in a sane world, but we live in a world dripping with political correctness.

Muslims are the new "Negro" and as such deserve special treatment.  That treatment includes silencing anyone who dares question this new designation.  Pamela Geller took many slings and arrows but ultimately ruled the day.  Presenting fact against innuendo the listener did get to hear the truth, and hear how shallow and petty those who support jihad really are.

Here is the link to the full discussion;     

These are the enemies we are up against, and they are strong and determined to silence any opposition. Resistance is required if the truth is to be heard.  There is no fear, only determination to win the war against the pure and fundamental ideology that is Islam.

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