Friday, March 1, 2013

SCOTUS Kerry to go to Egypt, anti-Morsi forces refuse to meet him, claim US support of Morsi not in the best interest of the Egyptian people

Sorry, did you say jihad?

Lets get off on a bad foot, shall we?  Kerry wants to get all parties together to advance democracy, yet Morsi has proved he has no intention of being anything but an Islamist with jihad overtones.  US support for Morsi is very problematic yet we refuse to see the Arabic writing on the wall.  Kerry will attempt to put a band-aid on a sucking chest wound, and you can bet that when he leaves he will say there has been "progress" towards parity.  Well, I feel better, don't you?

From the Egypt Independent Feb 28

NSF leaders refuse to meet Kerry in protest against US pro-Morsy stance

Hamdeen Sabbahi and Mohamed ElBaradei of the National Salvation Front (NSF) will not meet US Secretary of State John Kerry during his visit to Egypt, said Heba Yassin of the Popular Current Party.

The United States insists on painting a positive image of President Mohamed Morsy, despite the criticisms and demands of the opposition, the political figures claim.

Kerry is visiting Egypt early in March. It is his first visit to the country since he took over from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this month. Kerry plans to meet with Egyptian officials to discuss regional and international issues.

US President Barack Obama had told Morsy on the phone that Kerry would meet government officials and opposition forces in an effort to encourage collaboration, and support the nation’s burgeoning democracy.

The NSF is boycotting the parliamentary elections scheduled for 22 April on the grounds that there are no guarantees for the integrity of the electoral process, and no neutral government to oversee and manage it.

“There is US pressure on the opposition to support the Muslim Brotherhood, Washington’s allies in Egypt,” Yassin said. “The boycott puts Morsy in a predicament that the United States is trying to avoid.”

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