Sunday, March 10, 2013

SCOTUS Kerry wants to pay more in jizya to Egypt, congress says no

Dhimmi Kerry thinks throwing more money at the new democratic government of Egypt will solve everything...again.  After all, it is the Obama administration that claims it is poverty that causes jihad, so why not continue down the same pot-holed biway and hope someone has patched the worst ones.

From The Hill March 9 by Julian Pecquet

Congress blocked Kerry from offering more aid to Egypt

Secretary of State John Kerry had hoped to offer considerably more aid to Egypt than the $250 million he announced during his trip to Cairo but was blocked by Congress, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) said.
“This is not the aid package that the administration wanted to announce,” Royce told The Hill. The administration wanted to release a “larger sum,” but bowed to the wishes of Royce's committee as well as congressional appropriators, he said.
Royce wouldn't say how much Kerry had hoped to announce, but the State Department has been pressing Congress to greenlight $450 million in direct aid since last fall.

“Our approach is not the full-throttle administration approach of delivering all the aid that they wanted to deliver, but rather a measured approach of tying tranches to results as it pertains to the peace treaty with Israel, to cooperation with respect to smuggling [into Gaza] and with respect to economic reforms to guarantee civil rights and the rule of law within Egypt,” he said. “That's the pressure that we're applying.”

Kerry announced the new aid package last Sunday during a stop in Cairo as part of his first trip overseas. The money includes $190 million in budgetary support that's part of the $1 billion in debt relief President Obama pledged in 2011, along with $60 million for an enterprise fund.

Oue dear leaders keep telling us we are broke.  Remember this story the next time the Feds ask you to tighten your belt just a little more.

The aid, Kerry said, was a “good-faith effort to spur reform and help the Egyptian people at this difficult time.”

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