Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama to visit Israel, will demand timetable of West Bank withdrawal

With jihadists in the White House and Brennan as the head of the CIA and Hagel as SecDef, the demand of Israel to a timed pullout of the West Bank is the continuing attempt of the Obama administration to throw Israel under the bus permanently.  More Islamic supporters/Israel haters means an easier time of making Israel pay for its crimes, as the WH sees it.  It should be plain for all to see now that Obama has no love for Israel and is doing what he can to support those who want Israel to disappear.

From the World Tribune March 3

Obama plans to extract timetable for Israeli pullout from West Bank

JERUSALEM — U.S. President Barack Obama has demanded a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank.

Israeli sources said Obama, scheduled to arrive in Israel on March 20, wants a detailed Israeli withdrawal plan from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the president’s visit. The sources said the Israeli plan would be considered in what could be an imminent U.S. initiative to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank in 2014.

“Obama has made it clear to Netanyahu that his visit is not about photo-ops, but the business of Iran and a Palestinian state,” a source said. “The implication is that if Israel won’t give him something he can work with, then he’ll act on his own.”

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