Saturday, June 22, 2013

Misplaced anger in Seattle

Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle seems to think the FBI are racists and bigots because their top 32 terrorist list has 30 of the wanted as Muslims, and that just isn't right.  The fact that this list is on Seattle mass transit is what really got McDermotts panties in a bunch, saying the ads are  offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities” and “encourages racial and religious profiling” while making no mention of the continued jihad against those seen as "not Muslim enough" and non-Muslims both in and out of Muslim lands.  Understanding priorities is not one of McDermotts strong suits.

I wonder how McDermott would address the previous problem of organized crime: ignore Italian restaurants and social clubs for fear of offending those of Italian descent?  Probably.

From the Seattle Weekly June 19 by Daniel Person

Is This Ad Campaign Racist?
U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Seattle, says so.
In a letter to the FBI requesting they pull the campaign from Seattle buses, McDermott sounds off on what he says is “offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities” and “encourages racial and religious profiling.”

The ad shows sixteen faces of wanted terrorists, all of whom appear to be from predominantly Muslim regions. McDermott calls foul, writing that the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list includes people of other races and “associations with other religions and causes.”

Only two of the 32 are not Islamic jihadists, statistically insignificant but McDermott wants to make sure you think the FBI listing those who are worth the most money and are the most dangerous are part of the "Islamophobia" plot.  See the entire list from the FBI here.

“But their faces are missing from this campaign,” he writes.

“ will likely only serve to exacerbate the disturbing trend against Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim Americans.”

The ad is the work of the Puget Sound Joint Terrorism Task Force, and are part of the U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Program.

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