Monday, June 24, 2013

"Jihad" graffiti along I-95 causes fight, local news channel captures all on video

What amazes me is the time and effort it took to paint this

The letters are 20 feet tall and on a sound blocking wall along I-95 for all to see, and as the local news is interviewing a citizen about his anger over the word, a driver stops and begins the escalation.  Listen at the end when the driver yells to the crowd that there are no terrorists.  Priceless.

No one knows who did it, it could have been a Muslim, or maybe someone who wants to throw suspicion on Muslims, authorities are looking at the empty paint cans for clues.

From CBS12 June 21 by  Karl Man

Word 'Jihad' Found On Wall In Delray Beach
DELRAY BEACH, Fla –It was hard to miss on Saturday, laced in bold black lettering, nearly twenty feet high a piece of graffiti work reads "Jihad."

Thousands of drivers saw the large message clearly when traveling northbound on I-95 in Delray Beach near the Atlantic exit. That spray painted word Jihad created a fight that only CBS 12 caught on tape.

With our microphone flipped on and our camera rolling our news crew was quickly caught in the middle of this war of words.

CBS 12’s Karl Man was interviewing Damon Rosen about the jihad spray painted message, something that disgusted him, that’s when an unidentified man left his car and just like that it was on.

Things quickly escalated, the unknown man who did not oppose the jihad message shifted his shouting to a crowd of bystanders.

“You’re all brainwashed!”

The group of on-lookers hurling profanity back at the man.

“You’re going to lose your job bit--!”

Rosen then jumping in with his own choice language...

“Take that shi-- back to the Muslim land" screamed Rosen.

Things then getting very heated as the unknown man left his family in the car to get face to face. The finger pointing and yelling all caught on tape.

The man who did not see the big deal about the jihad message made one last statement to those nearby before he sped off.

"Just for the record there are no fu--ing terrorists," he screamed.

Rosen came back to where we were before to finish the interview; he laid out why the spray paint sign irked him so much and why he stopped to get a closer look.

He said that it had nothing to do with race, rather the ideology behind the jihad meaning saying it is something that has caused terror in our country time and time again. Promoting the meaning in such a public way like this message along I-95 according to Rosen is the last thing we should be doing with our time.

Police found spray paint cans on the scene and are still looking into who wrote this large graffiti message.

They couldn't tell us if they thought this was some kids pulling a prank or a legit threat of terrorism. FDOT was on scene this evening painting over the jihad sign, they say it will be gone by Saturday night"

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