Friday, June 14, 2013

Tommy Robinson of the EDL roasted on the BBC program "Free Speech"

To watch this travesty of open debate and free speech is to understand the depth of the problem.  We are muzzled when talking about Islam or Muslims unless it is in the most glowing terms possible.  To question any aspect of Islam or Muslim behavior is to be immediately labeled a "racist" or the dreaded Islamophobe.

Tommy Robinson speaks the truth and asks the hard questions, and for that he is ridiculed, demeaned and slandered by those who would be the first against the wall when the sharia comes.  Shameful to watch, the crowd and the host of the show have no idea what they are talking about, seemingly speaking from emotion rather than pragmatism.

The hatred from the crowd, and the four panelists is palpable and uneasy.  When you know the facts about Islamic doctrine and how it subjugates non-Muslims (and those seen as "not Muslim enough") listening to them spout nonsense in the guise of knowledge is frightening.

Britain is on the brink of losing the great civilization it was to a future of sharia and enslavement and sitting there on the stage we see those who are willingly giving up that heritage in the name of diversity and tolerance.

Called a racist, Tommy asked repeatedly for the accusers to show where he has made a racist statement, going so far as to ask "What race is Islam again?"  There was no reply, only more accusations based in how they feel about Islam and Muslims rather than what the reality is.

If you feel something it is neither right or wrong, it just is, thus the ease with which a rational can be formed and clung to.  I feel it, therefore it must be true for me and I don't have to explain it to anyone.

I feel you are a racist, no explanation needed or forthcoming.  That is the kind of critical analysis that comes from doing no research or study of what it is you need to understand.  It is also the typical mindset of those who believe all religions are equal (some more than others) and the only ones you can criticize are Christianity and Judaism.  After all, they are the evil ones as we are constantly told.

Listen carefully to the panelists as they spew their expert opinions, and decide who it is that holds the higher ground.


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