Tuesday, June 24, 2014

France: Muslims attack man for eating a ham sandwich

Absurd?  You bet.  Portent of things to come?  Absolutely.

From Jihad Watch June 21 by Robert Spencer

“Vive Le Vibrancy! In France Muslims Will Assault You For Eating A Ham Sandwich”

NB – Google Translate – The case seems absurd, but it is being treated with the utmost seriousness by the police from Reims (Marne). A 23 year old man filed a complaint on June 8, after being attacked, around 21:30 on a tram in the city by two strangers.

They hit the victim repeatedly in the face because he was eating a ham sandwich. The two attackers, who claimed to be Muslims, said they were offended by the consumption of pork in their presence and so attacked the young man...

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