Monday, June 16, 2014

ISIS video: 1 hour of Islamic cruelty

If there is one constant about Islam, it would be their unwavering dedication to terror.  The media, ever fearful of being labeled Islamophobic or worse, continues to downplay the brutality and madness that is the religion of Islam.

We see in the video the world of Islam through the lens of ISIS.  It is a blend of propaganda, horror, education, coercion, symbolism, idealism and inhumanity, neatly packaged to be accessible, easily understood and readily digested.  It is Islam 2.0 with enhanced graphics and high-speed controls, it is digital da'wa in what was once a vast wasteland of sand and sky.

It is difficult to watch the entire production in one sitting, the images are quite graphic and frankly, after 20 minutes of executions, drive-by shootings and IED blasts one will get tired of all the carnage.  It is important to understand that the slick nature of the production itself shows a much higher level of cogent thinking on the part of the jihadists that previously shown, and their obsession with presenting their story wrapped within Islamic doctrine is eye-opening.

Everyone in the Obama White House should be made to watch this, and then tested to make sure they got it.  This is ISIS.  This is Islam.

From The Federalist Papers June 13 by Steven Straub

ISIS Video: We Will Conquer Jerusalem, Hostility And Hatred Until You Believe In Allah Alone

Warning: this video is extremely graphic, with lots of killings. There is a beheading that occurs between 51:00 and 53:00, warning if you do not want to see it:

Be warned this is exceedingly graphic, it is important to see what ISIS is all about, and what these people stand for.

They threaten Jerusalem, they threaten Rome, and I promise you, they threaten all of us!

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