Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mosque bombed by IDF; weapons cache explodes, destroys mosque

What a surprise; a weapons storehouse in a mosque.  How do you deal with an enemy that keeps its weapons in a house of worship?

From the New York Times July 12 by Steven Erlanger

As Israel Hits Mosque and Clinic, Air Campaign’s Risks Come Home

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip — As Israel’s air war against Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters in Gaza entered its sixth day on Saturday, a pair of bombings threw the difficulties of the campaign into painful relief: Israel bombed a mosque, which its aerial photos indicated was harboring a weapons cache, and a center for the disabled, killing two residents and wounding three, as well as a caretaker.

A separate strike on the house of a police commander killed at least 18 people, the highest toll so far this conflict, bringing the total number of dead to at least 140, Palestinian officials said.

In response, Hamas fired a barrage of rockets at Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, garnering much attention despite causing no deaths or injuries, as three of them were intercepted.

There were also signs of imminent escalation as the Israeli military said it was going to send messages to northern Gaza residents to vacate their homes “for their own safety,” amid preparations for a possible ground invasion.

Israel warns residents that they are about to be bombed and tells them to flee.  Hamas launches rockets at Israel with no warning.  Who is civilized and who is the savage?

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