Monday, July 21, 2014

What the MSM refuses to tell you regarding Hamas, Islam and Israel

As disturbing as it is to watch women and children die due to war, we know Israel does everything to minimize civilian casualities.  This does not assuage those who hate Jews, and the recent meteoric rise of anti-semitism shows that many across the globe are more than willing to give public support to open hatred of Jews and Israel.

With the media in full anti-Israel mode, we see the moral equivalence meme again making equal Hamas and Israel, blaming as they usually do Hamas for lobbing indiscriminate rockets and Israel responding with targeted air strikes and precision artillery fire.  It is as if Israel would only respond by shooting little rockets like Hamas, everything would be better.

Why have their been over 500 "Palestinian" deaths and less than 40 Israeli deaths?  Israel protects its citizens with the "Iron Dome" defense system, which does an admirable job keeping the public safe. Hamas, on the other hand encourages their citizens to become human shields, knowing any deaths occurring because of their wanton disregard for human life could, and would be blamed on Israel.

Despite the obvious crimes and moral violations Hamas continues to inflict on their own people and Israelis, their support is manifest across the globed.  Rioting in France and Germany, death threats in the US and anti-Israeli protests in cities across America bear witness to a new, virulent rebirth of classic Nazi anti-semitism.  No longer content to couch their phrases with words such as
"Destroy Israel" the hate is out of the closet and has become "Kill the Jews"

Shades of "Kristallnacht" in the 21st century.

Government authorities seem powerless to stop the hatred, or they are unwilling to step in, defend their culture and society and keep the lineage that is a heritage alive.  Below are some of the many articles and news stories that are of utmost import if one is to remain vigilant, yet are ignored, downplayed or misrepresented by the press, pundits, editorials and the global MSM.

May God help us all in our most troubling time.

“Gaza Terrorists Using Ambulances and Kids to Move Around Safely,” Jewish Press, July 18
“UNRWA Gives Rockets to Hamas,” by Shimon Cohen and Maayana Miskin, Arutz Sheva, July 20
“In Support of Gaza, Berlin Imam Prays for the Annihilation of Jews, the ‘Slayers of Prophets,’” MEMRI, July 18
“Leaflets threaten Chicago Jews over Israel in Gaza,” JTA, July 21
“Gaza conflict: France criticises ‘anti-Semitic’ riot,” BBC, July 21
“Fatah hands out candy to celebrate ‘kidnapping’ of Israeli soldier falsely claimed by Hamas,” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik,Palestinian Media Watch, July 21

These few bits are but a small picture of what is really going on.  Be prepared.  Be vigilant.  Be informed.

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