Friday, March 11, 2011

The democracy just keeps on rolling

The unrest in Tunisia, as with all the other Islamic countries trying to get back to their roots is based, we are told in democracy and secularism.  We are told that all these countries want is freedom, justice and the chance to be like everyone else. 

OK, if everyone else is sharia-compliant and Islamist ruled.

And they are fast becoming just that.

From the Ottawa Citizen March 10

Islamist party wants to establish Shariah law in Tunisia

TUNIS - An Islamist party in Tunisia said Thursday it wants to install "by political means" a regime based on the strict Shariah form of Islamic law in the north African country.

"We are working to install a regime founded on Shariah," said Ridha Belhaj, a spokesman for the party Hizb At-Tahrir.

He said it.

The party claims that "Islam is the solution" to problems in Tunisia after the ouster of longtime strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January following a popular uprising.

While denouncing violence, the party does not rule out "rebellion or civil disobedience in order to establish an Islamic state," Belhaj added.

"In Islam, the nation has the right to overthrow its leaders, even by armed force," he said, while also denouncing the debate over gains by women in Tunisia, the only Arab country to ban polygamy.

The Hizb At-Tahrir intends to take part in elections set for July 24 to win representation in parliament, although it does not recognize its laws, "Shariah being the only source of laws," said the party's secretary general Abdelmajid Habibi.

He has also said if the Islamists are successful in winning power they would ban other parties.

Can't have none of that insulting of Muhammad now, can we?

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