Monday, June 6, 2011

Continued invasion of Israel, IDF shows restraint by not mowing the attackers down with machine gun fire

No, there was nothing in the report that implied the IDF was ready with automatic weapons fire, but with the determination of the protesters/attackers to destroy Israel and Jews, I would support the wholesale killing of those trying their best to kill me.

If Israel bends over backwards any further they will be able to pick a pin up with their teeth(Houdini used that as an exersize to keep in shape).  No mean feat when you are trying to defend yourself against the most vicious of enemies. 

In any other time, with any other people the co-ordinated attack by a loose group of un-uniformed fighters against a sovereign nation would result in a mass of deaths, well deserved if you ask me.  Today, if it is Israel you are attacking, you have the blessings of Allah and the support of the useful idiots both here and abroad.

This is far from over because as the protesters and their movement grow, so will the clashes between ideology and survival.

From The Jerusalem Post June 5 by Yaakov Lappin

Syrian TV: 18 killed, 277 hurt in Naksa Day border protest

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Anonymous said...

Iwas thinking since there is somuch bloodshed going on in Syria withsome talk of successes of the Syrian Free Army that they should setup a government in Kunetra. AS far as I know there has been no development or anything going on in this ghost town. What do you think of this idea? free Syria starting by holding some ground in Kunetra could be the start of a freedom march into Bhagdad. Another journey remembering LAWRENCE OF ARABIA