Thursday, June 9, 2011

More jihad in Thailand: 8 police playing football murdered

Oh yes, it's the "restive" south that this happened, an area in Thailand besieged by Islamists and jihadists in recent years.  A once booming tourist industry is almost gone, replaced with sharia and pure Islam in the form of killings and general mayhem.

When you see the word "restive" it means that sharia and Islam have not completely taken over, and there are still infidels standing in their way.  It won't be "restive" after Islam takes control.

From The Chakra June 8

Eight Killed at Football Game in Thailand by Muslim Militants 

Football is a common sport in Thailand
Football is a common sport in Thailand

(CHAKRA) In Thailand’s restive south, eight Buddhists have been killed by Muslim militants, according to police reports.
Police Lieutenant General, Kong-att Suwannakham says insurgents detonated a homemade bomb in a football field in the province of Pattani which resulted in four policemen being killed and another dozen being wounded. They had all just met at the field to play a friendly game of football knowing little that their lives were at stake in a few minutes time.
In the province of Yala, police say that insurgents set off a roadside bomb and shot at an army patrol, killing three soldiers and wounding two. Additionally two men on bicycles, fatally shot at a formal local official in his pick up truck, in the province of Narathiwat.
In Thailand’s three Muslim-dominated provinces, more than 4,300 people have been killed in the predominantly Buddhist regions. These killings have all happened since the Islamist insurgency erupted in the country in 2004.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

I am privileged to have a number of friends from around the world. One of my closest friends is from the Philippines. She often talks about the "bandits" from the south who make life hell for the peace loving Filipino people; in fact the southern portion of the Philippines has long been considered a safe haven for al Qaeda affiliates. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Jemaah Islamiyah, and the Abu Sayyaf are three terrorist organizations based in the Philippines. Their stated goal: to establish a pan-Islamic state across Southeast Asia.
Islam is a cancer spreading rapidly across the globe. As with the disease, there is no such thing as "controlling" cancer. In order for the patient to survive, the only viable and effective treatment is the total and complete eradication of the cancerous growth.