Friday, July 12, 2013

"I can't take any pride in wearing this uniform, it represents an enemy of Islam"

SoA is soldier of Allah

So says the beard.  Nidal Hasan said it, yet no one will change their stance and agree that Islam is the problem here.  I see that as an insult to Hasan as well as a refusal to see what the truth is.

The farcical trial continues...

From KWTX July 9 by Rachel Cox

Fort Hood Gunman Says Uniform “Represents An Enemy of Islam”

FORT HOOD (July 9, 2013)—During a brief final pretrial hearing Tuesday, military judge Col. Tara Osborn ordered Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Hasan to wear his uniform during his court-martial and admonished him for releasing sealed information to the media.

Hasan told the judge Tuesday he took no pride in his uniform, but Osborn said he would be forced, if necessary, to wear it during the court-martial.

Ordinarily a military defendant would appear in full dress uniform, but for medical reasons Hasan is being permitted wear looser-fitting ACUs, short for Army combat uniform.

"I can't take any pride in wearing this uniform, it represents an enemy of Islam," Hasan said.

"I'm being forced to wear this uniform,” he said.

Osborn admonished Hasan Tuesday for releasing to a local newspaper a memo on his proposal to mount a “defense of others” strategy that Osborn had ordered sealed.

"Did you release this to media?" Osborn asked.

"Yes. I gave permission for it to be released,” Hasan responded.

"That order was for your protection," Osborn said.

"Since you've released it, the government now knows what it says," she said.

"It was sealed to protect you, you violated a court order so I am (now) unsealing it," Osborn said.

Osborn told Hasan he must follow the rules and that if he doesn’t the failure could jeopardize his plan to represent himself.

Osborn earlier rejected the strategy detailed in the memo in which Hasan would have argued that he shot U.S. troops because they posed an immediate threat to Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

Hasan apparently won’t accept an offer of assistance from former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, with whom he met over the weekend and on Monday.

Clark had said he might step in when testimony begins in August, however, but Hasan told the judge Tuesday that he won’t need Clark’s assistance unless he’s allowed to pursue the “defense of others” strategy.

"If the court allows me to use the defense of thirds, I will use Clark," Hasan said.

"Otherwise I will be continuing to represent myself," he said.

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