Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh the horror! Israel tries to drown "Palestinian" kids in Gaza...wait, what?

The worlds largest concentration camp (courtesy those evil Jews) in April of this year opened their first water-themed park for kids called the "Dolphin Resort Park" in Gaza City.

What were they thinking?  Kids can drown...or get a water-borne disease...or have to deal with the dreaded "floating dookie"  I mean, how much more dastardly can those Jews get?  Giving innocent kids a place to play instead of blowing them up (as Hamas has done) is just inhuman!

From Demotix June 12 by Majdi Fathi

Palestinian children enjoy the weather at the Dolphin Resort Park
It's just like any other concentration camp, except with parking and corndogs.

See all the photos at the link above. 

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