Friday, July 12, 2013

House intelligence panel cuts off aid to Syrian rebels, Administration end runs and decides to send aid anyway

As I have pointed out numerous times here; Obama may not be a Muslim but he sure is acting like one.

Usurping the will of a congressional panel, especially one that is charged with the security of America is nothing if not sedition.  For Obama to decide that the jihadist rebels deserve our aid despite the ruling of the intelligence panel may be legal but it is unethical, immoral and against the security requirements of the American people; you know, the ones that elected him.

From The Hill July 9 by Julian Pecquet and Jeremy Herb

Intelligence panels cut off aid to Syrian rebels by restricting funds

House and Senate Intelligence panel members have voted to block President Obama from arming Syrian rebels, committee insiders told The Hill. They did so by placing severe restrictions on funding.

Lawmakers made their decision last month for fear that the administration plan would let weapons fall into the hands of terrorist groups, such as the many linked to al Qaeda.
The exact nature of the restrictions is unknown because the committees voted privately on the basis of classified information. What is known is that the restrictions are sufficient to prevent the administration from delivering arms as planned, according to a source familiar with the actions.
The committee “voted to allow them to make some movement on this, but it’s restricted,” said one Senate panel insider, who declined to elaborate on the total aid or the restrictions added by the Intelligence panels, which both met again on Tuesday. “It was a very restrictive amount.”

Administration officials stopped shy of saying that the efforts had thwarted the effort to arm rebel groups, but said it certainly didn’t make it easier.

“They’re raising a lot of questions without having alternative answers,” said one senior administration official.

“Whatever we do, we have to make sure we do it right,” Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday.

(.)“In keeping with the president’s announcement of our stepped-up assistance to the [Syrian opposition’s] Supreme Military Council, we are going to consult with Congress on these matters, and we intend to provide that stepped-up assistance,” Carney said at Tuesday’s White House briefing. “We were not bluffing. The president was very serious, as I think he made clear.”

In other words, we will tell congress what we are going to do while thumbing our noses at their whining and complaining.

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