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The Muslim Brotherhood unleashed

Here we go.  Now that Morsi has been "removed" from office by the military due to political pressure from the people, there is nothing to stand in the way of the Muslim Brotherhood seriously flexing their muscle in order to sow chaos and division between the majority of Egyptians who want a "secular" Egypt and those who will do anything to impose the sharia and bring Egypt back into the 7th century.

The Arab Spring  fooled almost no one, it was the gullible and the leftists who were most easily led.  Our dear leader believed in Morsi, and was the first person to call him and congratulate him on his victory.  Pledging everlasting support, the time now will be taken up with trying to figure out how to circle the wagons and assuage the guilt and shame (if he has any) by blaming someone...anyone but himself.

The fruits of Obama's labor are now being seen in the rampage against Morsi protesters, Christians and anyone seen as against the MB and their sharia-driven agenda.  Morsi claimed, after the election that he was no longer a member of the MB, yet the blind anger against the Morsi protesters from the MB is a pretty good indicator that his words carried little weight.

The Muslim Brotherhood is now engaging in the next wave of terror, intimidation, mayhem and slaughter, all in the name of Islamic purity.  They stand a pretty good chance of instigating a country-wide civil war which benefits no one except those jihadists who would build a new caliphate from the ashes.

The following articles vividly illustrate the seriousness of the near future, and how the MB, despite the White House claims that they are moderate and have eschewed violence have not, nor will ever give up murder and chaos in the name of Muhammad and Allah.  If it's in the Qur'an it is to be followed.

We are in for a passle of trouble, all out civil war could break out at any moment.  The military will be the deciding factor, they will keep peace but don't want the challenges of a political position.  That places them as the final decider in all this based in what is best for the people, as per their wishes.

We indeed live in interesting times.

Start with this from Al-Arabiya July 6

Cairo residents: ‘Heavily armed Islamists attacked us’
Residents of Cairo’s Manial neighborhood were recovering Saturday from a bloody night of clashes with armed supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood who killed at least seven people and left dozens injured, they told AFP.

The violence erupted when residents tried to stop hundreds of Islamists passing through Manial to reach protests being staged in the iconic Tahrir Square against toppled president Mohammed Mursi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The Brotherhood attacked the area with all kinds of weapons,” said resident Mohammed Yehya, who lost three of his friends in the mayhem.

Inhabitants of the Nile island of Manial reported seeing dozens of bearded Islamists armed with machineguns, machetes and sticks on Friday night before the deadly clashes broke out.

Snipers were spotted on rooftops, and medics told AFP they treated some residents of the normally quiet middle-class neighborhood for bullet wounds with a downward trajectory.

Buildings were pockmarked with bullet holes. Rocks carpeted the floor and charred tyres showed the ferocity of the violence.

The clashes in Manial and other parts of the country came two days after the army toppled Mursi, underlining the determination of his Muslim Brotherhood to disrupt the military’s plan for a political transition until new elections.

Residents say the attack began just minutes after the Brotherhood’s supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, gave a fiery speech to Mursi supporters camped out in Cairo’s Nasr City, which was broadcast live on television.

“The attack came minutes after Badie’s speech. They treated us like infidels. They were chanting ‘Allahu akbar’ (God is greatest) as they were shooting us,” said Ahmed Fattouh.

On the door of one shop hung a sign announcing that the owner, 26-year-old Abdallah Sayyed Abdelazim, had been killed.

Parts of Manial were a ghost town on Saturday, with businesses shuttered and residents devastated by the night’s violence.

“The clashes started at 7:30 pm and continued until three in the morning. Their ammunition just didn’t run out. They are trying to terrorize us and take over the country,” said Khaled Tawfik.

Shopkeeper Mohammed Fekry, 29, who was wounded by birdshot said at least 10 people were killed and dozens injured.

“We have 10 people dead in this area, including six people who died with single bullets in the head. There were snipers on the roof of the Salaheddine mosque...

Then we have this from Daily News Egypt July 7 by Charlie Miller

Clashes in Luxor leave four Copts dead, 32 injured

Violence broke out in Luxor on Friday, following a fight between a group of Christians and a single Muslim man, who died of his injuries, according to state-owned Al-Ahram.

Al-Ahram also reported that groups of local Muslims attacked the villages of Naga Hasan and Dabaya after news broke of Hassan Sayyed Segdy’s death earlier that morning, resulting in four Copts killed and 32 injured.

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party stated in a press release that the four killed in the violence hailed from the two villages, located approximately 25 minutes from Luxor. Their injuries were consistent with attacks with both blunt and bladed weapons. The statement said that three other Christian men remain in a critical condition in Luxor International Hospital with various injuries.

The party also gave details of the burning of 27 houses belonging to local Copts by groups who allegedly attacked the local Coptic Orthodox Diocese; the police and army intervened, firing tear gas to disperse crowds...

To put a capper on this whole episode and highlight the absurdity of believing the MB is anything but evil, here is a story from the Jerusalem Post July 5 which says the MB accuses the new interim president of being a Jew and working at the behest of the US and Israel.

'Muslim Brotherhood claims interim Egyptian president is Jewish'

The Muslim Brotherhood claimed in a post on its official website that Egypt's new interim president Adli Mansour is Jewish, The Washington Post reported on Friday. The article on IkhwanOnline was subsequently removed.

Mansour, who previously served as the constitutional court's chief justice was sworn in as interim president on Thursdayafter the army removed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi from power.

According to the Post, the article falsely stated that Mansour is “considered to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a Jewish sect.”

The authors also claimed that the Pope of Egypt's Coptic church had refused to convert Mansour to Christianity.

The article on IkhwanOnline, according to the Post, posited that Mansour's appointment was backed by Israel and the US as part of a plan to eventually install leading opposition figure and former IAEA chief Mohamed ElBardei as president.

These news articles are but the tip of a very dangerous Islamic iceberg.  The next 6 months to a year will be telling in what we can expect the next 3-5 years to be like.  Keep an eye on Iran and Saudi Arabia as they both pose an added threat in what they decide their level of support, and what that support entails.

Could this be a portent of the coming "clash of civilizations"? 

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