Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egypt: the Arab Spring is dead, Morsi under house arrest by the military

The beginning of another deadly chapter in the history of the land of the Pharaohs.

Someone is going to have some 'splaining to do....

From Al Arabiya June 30

Live from Egypt: latest developments
7:10 pm The Egyptian military temporarily suspends the constitution and ousts Islamist President Mohammed Mursi

6:50 pm The Egyptian army told Islamist President Mohammed Mursi at 7 pm that he was no longer president, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper quotes presidency source as saying

6:48 pm An Egypt appeal court upholds a prison sentence on prime minister, removes him post, judicial source says

6:30 pm Egypt to see short interim period followed by legislative, presidential elections: state news agency

5:30 pm U.S. 'very concerned' about situation on ground in Egypt

5:30 pm: Islamic Legitimate Body rejects deposing of Mursi against people’s will

4:53 pm We do not know where Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is now, aide tells CNN

4:49 pm Army vehicles deployed near an Islamist gathering in Cairo, AFP reported

4:40 pm Sheikh Al-Azhar stressed to the army chief the importance of Egyptian unity, newspaper sources say
4:38 pm The army statement will announce the lifting of legitimacy off of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, National Salvation Front member says
4:35 pm Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi was on his way to launch a coup against authorities, National Salvation Front member says

4:30 pm The army has confirmed that it does not intend to rule Egypt, National Salvation Front member says

4:15 pm Several hundred Egyptian soldiers, together with armored vehicles, perform a military parade on the main road near the Presidential Palace, Reuters reports

4:10 pm Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi's message to all Egyptians is to resist a military coup peacefully, aide says

4:08 pm Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is still working at the republican guard barracks in Cairo, unclear if free to leave, aide says

4:02 pm At least 37 people have been killed and 1600 injured in violence since Tuesday night, Al Arabiya correspondent reports

3:57 pm A military coup will not pass without bloodshed, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi's adviser says

3:56 pm Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s adviser says he expects army and police violence to remove pro-Mursi demonstrators

3:55 pm The army begins to deploy in Giza, Al Ahram reports

3:52 pm Mursi's security advisor: military coup is underway
3:50pm Mursi, top Brotherhood leaders banned from traveling

3:50 pm Egypt president's national security adviser says military coup under way

3:48 pm The U.S. secretary of defense called his Egyptian counterpart yesterday

3:46 pm The Egyptian army told President Mohammed Mursi it will postpone issuing its statement for hours to avoid bloodshed, Al Ahram reports

3:42 pm The Egyptian president's national security adviser says a military coup under way.

3:35 pm National Salvation Front: U.S. pressures on army not to act

3:35 pm: National Salvation Front: Army will strip Mursi of legitimacy

3:16 pm Egypt state TV denied that employees evacuated TV building and reassured ongoing work

3:13 pm Opponents of Islamist President Mohammed Mursi gather near Ittihadiya Presidential Palace in Cairo, calling for his ouster

3:06 Sources in the Freedom and Justice party say they refused the Egyptian army's invitation to a meeting with party leaders

2:50 pm Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi calls for formation of an interim coalition government, with PM approved by all political powers, Reuters reports

2:49 pm Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi says it is a mistake to side with one party

2:47 pm Egypt cannot go backwards, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi says

2:43 pm The road map to resolve the Egypt crisis must be legitimate, the presidency says

2:37 pm The state TV building is under the control of the army, sources tell Al Arabiya...

There is more, read it all

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