Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Former US Attorney General Ramsey "I love jihad" Clark to represent Nidal "the beard" Hasan

What a marriage of ideologies, the perfect storm of doctrinal hatred of anything Western and a theological foundation of intolerance for non-believers.

What a tool...

From KCEN July 2

Former U.S. Attorney Gen Ramsey Clark Offers to Represent Hasan

(KCEN) -- The accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan was back in court today to enter his pleas.

He refused to enter his pleas and requested three more days, because an attorney has offered to represent him.

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark offered to represent Hasan.

Clark previously represented Saddam Hussein and provided legal council for Slobodan MiloŇ°evi√¶, former President of Serbia and accused war criminal.

Clark also represented survivors and relatives of the Branch Davidian standoff in their effort to sue the Federal Government.
Hasan wanted the three extra days so that Ramsey could prepare his case.

Judge Col Tara Osborn denied Hasan's request for the extra time.

Judge Osborn said, "Your request is untimely, and it is an obstruction to the efficient administration on this court."

The judge said that Clark could represent Hasan, but needed to be ready by the time jury selection started.

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