Thursday, November 15, 2012

Al-Azhar University head imam viciously blames Israel for defending themselves

Al-Azhar, global seat of Sunni jurisprudence is where Sunnis look for all things Islam.  When the imam speaks, Muslims listen.  When Mohamed Ahmed El Tayeb says Israel is practicing barbarism and that the UN should step in and stop Israel, he is continuing the historical Islamic narrative that the Jews and Israel are to be driven out of their country and as many killed as possible.  The West will ignore his calls, and Muslim apologists will deny his words were ever spoken, or that they were taken out of context.  

Only non-Muslims are capable of being aggressive.  Muslims are always the victim, never the aggressor.  Just ask Al-Azhar University.

From The Jerusalem Post November 14 by Joanna Paraszczuk

Al-Azhar Grand Imam slams Israeli attacks on Gaza

The Grand Imam of Egypt's powerful al-Azhar Mosque denounced Israel's strikes on Gaza on Wednesday, calling them the "Zionist army's bombing of innocent civilians", Egyptian and Saudi news sources reported.

As opposed to "Muhammads army bombing innocent civilians"

In his statement on Wednesday, Mohamed Ahmed El Tayeb warned the "Zionist entity" against continuing the strikes, which he said were "brutal" and would lead the entire region into a wider conflict.
El Tayeb called on the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to act for the people of Gaza and deter the "usurper entity from exercising its barbarism against defenseless civilians", according to Saudi Arabia's Bab news site.

Projection alert. 

The Grand Imam said Palestinians in Gaza had a "right to live safely like any other human beings."

However, in his statement El Tayeb did not mention or allude to the rocket attacks against Israel.

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