Thursday, November 29, 2012

UC Irvine creates Muslim-only prayer area on campus, Campus Fire Marshal complicit


Amazing.  Imagine if this was a small Catholic altar on a state campus, and the fire marshal would only allow Catholics to pray there, how many seconds do you think it would that be allowed to stand?

Yet here the silence is deafening, no one speaks out over this travesty of church/state intermixing.  Ah, but since it is Islam and Muslims, victims of the new "racism" they will be protected and coddled, making them feel safe from those evil Islamophobes.

From Jihad Watch November 28 by Robert Spencer

University of California Irvine allows Muslim prayer in area restricted to all others

You can see the sign: the Campus Fire Marshal orders the area to remain clear at all times. And underneath, a festive "Happy Eid" sign. Why there? Because that is where Muslims pray on campus at the University of California Irvine...

(...)The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Student Association is pushing campuses nationwide to make special accommodation for Muslim students. It looks as if at the University of California Irvine they've succeeded spectacularly.

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