Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tunisian imam calls on faithful to prepare their "shrouds" for upcoming jihad

But remember, to point this out is to be Islamophobic and anti-Muslim.

From ANSAmed November 2

Tunisia: Imam calls jihad, Salafites to prepare shrouds

(ANSAmed) - Tunis -The new imam of the Nour mosque appointed after his predecessor Aymen Amdouni was killed in an assault on National Guards barracks, called for jihad inviting young Salafites to prepare their shrouds.

Nasreddine Aloui, the new imam of a mosque considered the centre of Salafites in Douar Hicher, participated in a talk show in which he called on young Salafites to engage in a holy war against the unfaithful and against the Ennahdha party accused of following 'Washington's orders'.

The young cleric was speaking on the eve of the funerals of the second victim of the assault on the Douar Hicher barracks which are scheduled to take place this afternoon in a tense climate.

Speaking at the talk show and addressing Tunisia's Interior Minister Ali Laarayedh, a leading member of Ennahdha who was also participating, Aloui showed his shroud saying that all Salafites needed to prepare theirs in view of their martyrdom.

'The interior minister and the other leaders of Ennahdha have mistaken the US for God as they establish the laws and write the Constitution', he said.

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