Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Britain's most wanted jihadist free to roam the streets, will not be deported

Abu Qatada successfully fought his extradition to Jordan, on the grounds that if he was returned the Jordanian authorities would put him on trial and use information obtained through torture against him.

Can't have that now, can we?  Better to let him out on bail and have him monitored and on probation.  Let us know how that works for you, OK?

From the Telegraph November 12 by Tom Whitehead


Abu Qatada back on streets after being given bail

A senior immigration judge ruled the hate preacher should not be sent to Jordan, where he faces terror charges, because he stands the risk of evidence being used against him that was obtained by torture.
Qatada will be released on bail tomorrow, subject to a 16 hour a day curfew and other restrictions, according to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.
The judge said Theresa May, the Home Secretary, had failed to satisfy the court that Qatada would be given a fair trial.
The ruling is a humiliation for Mrs May who personally travelled to Jordan to obtain assurances that torture evidence would not be used.
But Siac effectively dismissed those guarantees in an appeal brought by Qatada.
The decision comes despite the fact the British courts have previously ruled that it is safe to return Qatada, who was once described at Osama bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe.

The case was only back at Siac because the European Court of Human Rights ruled earlier this year that he should not be deported because of the risk of torture evidence.

Today’s decision will fuel the row over European judges effectively dictating domestic law.

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