Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama win gives flag sales in Pakistan another boost

The heat of hate 

As I reported here earlier, Pakistan, after the attack and murder of Christopher Stevens and three others saw a 500% increase in the sale and immolation of American flags.  Now, with the Obama win it seems another round of unprecedented sales and production of flags from the US.

At least we can help their economy by giving them a symbol they can profit from by destroying.

From Al Arabiya November 8

Flags on fire: Obama win may be good news for Pakistan flag-makers

Many Pakistanis fear President Barack Obama’s re-election will mean a surge in America’s unpopular drone campaign, but for those making and selling U.S. flags to burn at protests this could be good news.

Demonstrations against Washington’s program of missile strikes against suspected Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants are common in Pakistan, and no protest is complete without a Stars and Stripes being sent up in flames.

Nadeem Shah, the owner of a flag business in Rawalpindi, the twin city of the capital Islamabad, said he expected more drone strikes -- and more protests.

“Of course Obama has become stronger now and he will push his policies harder and there will be more drone strikes because he himself is stronger now,” Shah told AFP.

“When the drone strikes increase the protests against these strikes will also increase in Pakistan and it can have an impact on the flags and poster business.”

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