Saturday, November 3, 2012

Radical Islamists permeate White House

Obama has met with the Muslim Brotherhood dozens of times, has talked with Hamas representatives, instigated clandestine talks with Iran and snubbed Israel.  There are many Islamists/jihadists who have the ear of Obama and his cadre of believers, SCOTUS Clinton has as her personal assistant a known supporter of Hamas and has family ties to jihadist groups.  The White House is, for all intent and purpose the meeting place for radical islamists, jihadists and Muslim agitators of all stripes, some operating under the guise of academic credentials (Esposito, Mogahed, et al.)

Linda Sarsour is no friend of America, but she plays one in the White House.

From IPT November 1

More Radicalism From Another White House Guest

An Islamist activist honored by the White House last December as a "Champion of Change" called Zionism "racism" this week and said "nothing is creepier" than the belief in a Jewish homeland.

Linda Sarsour also posted two links on her Twitter feed to a rabidly anti-Israel video by a New York poet that accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing and mocks interfaith dialogue as selling out.
Sarsour has been invited to at least seven White House meetings since April 2010, records show. All but one were with Paul Monteiro, associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. The most recent meeting took place seven months ago. Last week, the Investigative Project on Terrorism reported on hundreds of White House meetings involving radical Islamists like Sarsour.

Sarsour, director of the Arab American Association of New York, is on record defending terror suspects, casting skepticism over law enforcement investigations and advancing conspiracy theories. Despite her access to the administration, Sarsourdescribes support for President Obama as a "lesser of two evils" proposition for Muslim voters.

She also believes there is a government conspiracy against Muslims and that the authorities were behind Malcolm X's assassination. During a Feb. 23, 2012 interviewwith Russia TV, Sarsour claimed that "Islamophobia" today is a continuation of the genocide of native Americans and the slavery of African Americans. "This has happened throughout the history of our country; our country was based on, you know, genocide on native Americans, based on slavery, racial profiling has existed for centuries in this community," she said.

During the same interview, Sarsour cast Malcolm X's assassination as part of a New York Police Department conspiracy which uses informants in the same way today. "As a matter of fact, on the chief body guard of Malcolm X was an NYPD informant," she said, "and we know that Malcolm X was assassinated in cooperation with the government, so it's very, for me it's just a continuation of history."

The occult hand of government lurks behind many corners in Sarsour's world. In May, she dismissed reports about an al-Qaida plot to blow up an airplane using a more sophisticated, more difficult to detect, underwear bomb. Rather than celebrate this outcome, Sarsour leapt to a false conclusion, claiming that in a May 8 Twitter post that it was a CIA inside job.
"Underwear bomber was the #CIA all along. Why did I already know that?! Shame on us - scaring the American people."

In fact, the bomb plot was quite real. The would-be terrorist turned out to be an informant for Saudi intelligence. When he took possession of the bomb, he promptly gave it to his handlers, averting a deadly attack and giving Saudi and American intelligence a chance to dissect the latest attempt for terrorists to evade security. Because he had travel papers and seemed willing to be a suicide bomber, theWashington Post called the informant "a perfect dangle, in the parlance of spycraft, and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took the bait."

That, to Sarsour, is bad.

But it fits with her view that there is "War on Islam" led by the United States. That narrative is considered among the most effective messages in radicalizing young Muslims.

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Jay Knott said...

I'm surprised you guys haven't published anything recently on the persecution of the moron behind 'Innocence of Muslims':

Though he's as obnoxious as you are, he should not be jailed for his opinions in the USA, which is what seems to be happening.