Friday, August 3, 2012

Germany: woman pepper-sprayed because she was wearing the Star of David

Anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe so this attack on a Jewish woman by neo-Nazis is no surprise.  Neo-Nazis in Europe are collaborating with Islamists in a new fifth column, the ultimate aim is the reconstruction of Europe without Jews.  The problem is the Neo's will have to convert to Islam if they wish to survive, there will be no room at the inn for any but a Muslim.

Muslim attacks on women because of David Stern (Star of David)

Because of a Jewish Star of David, a Muslim in the small Bavarian town of Stein has attacked two women. As the 23-year-old in a swimming pool noticed that one of the two older ladies chain with the religious symbol around his neck was, he first met with insults from desert and showed the Hitler salute. Then he lay in wait for the duo before setting up and sprayed tear gas into his face. reported :

On Monday evening it has come at a waterpark in stone to an assault on two women. A 23-year-old she insulted, sprayed them with tear gas and showed the "Hitler salute" - apparently because of a Star of David on a necklace for women.

Already in the bathing area of ​​the two women were aged between 47 and 48 years on the clock to 21:45 suspects later, when he was funny with his 31-year-old companion at her.

In the area of ​​dressing rooms, the 48-year-old came back later on this young man noticed her necklace that she is a religious symbol, a Jewish Star of David was wearing. Then she insulted the 23-year-old, who according to police German of Turkish descent, and again Unfl√§tigste showed the so-called "Nazi salute".

In the parking lot of the water park the suspect then went off to the two women and they sprayed mace in his face. Then they informed the staff of the leisure pool. The women suffered redness and irritation of the eyes in the face. A lifeguard immediately took up the chase of the two men. Even the parking lot and he could make it until the arrival of the police to hold. The two men would not comment on the incident. The extent of the 31-year-old was involved in the offense, the police must be examined.

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