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"I feel very strongly whenever you see this kind of bigoted and hate-filled rhetoric. It’s very important for me as a human being and particularly as a Jew to stand up against it"

Defending those committed to your death seems crazy to me.  Islamic doctrine calls for the conversion, subjugation or death for unbelievers (9-29) yet these people refuse to accept that this is true, believing instead in the doctrine of "we are all equal and deserving of the same respect as any other group."  You know, multiculturalism.

The signs posted point out a fact, that attacks by Islamic jihadists occur regularly, and that it is not Islamophobia to point that out.  Some don't seem to care about the truth and want to complain because on an emotional level they think cultures, religions, societies and civilizations are all the same.

They are not, and Islam today is the only organized group calling for the death of those who don't follow the "religion of peace."  These signs are needed, as the public must be educated as to the real danger Islamic texts and tenets pose to the "civilized man."

From The Greenwich Post August 23 by Ken Borsuk

Train ads cause furor, charges of anti-Islam bigotry

New billboard ads that have been posted at Metro-North stations along the New Haven line, including in Greenwich stations, are raising eyebrows from residents and condemnation from local officials.

The ads, which are being paid for by a group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which was created by right-wing blogs and think tanks, have been criticized as racist and anti-Islamic because of their claims that 19,250 “terrorist attacks” have been carried out by Muslims since Sept. 11, 2001. The ads post that number while saying “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism” and they have brought about quick condemnation from local residents and officials.

As of Monday, the ads were up at both the Cos Cob and Riverside stations. At the downtown Greenwich station, which is the most heavily used of the town’s stations, the ad had been up but had been ripped down by someone, leaving only a tatter of the ad remaining. At the Old Greenwich station, the ad is not displayed but there is a blank spot where no ad is currently displayed, leaving open the possibility that it was vandalized there too.

Town resident Sarah Littman said she saw the ad at the Cos Cob Station last week and quickly filed a letter of complaint with both the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council and wrote to all three selectmen as well as the District 8 members of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) as well as her State Rep. Fred Camillo (R-151).

“I was shocked and incredibly offended when I saw the ad,” Ms. Littman told the Post, adding that she has received a lot of support from those she has written to. “One of the reasons I love living in Cos Cob is that it has such a small town, bucolic feel to it with a strong sense of community. To have this kind of dreadful hate speech blasting you in the face as soon as you drive into the parking lot was shocking to me.”

The ads are being paid for by blogger Pamela Geller, who lists her own blog on the signs along with two other web addresses and Ms. Geller has come under heavy criticism for past statements made on her blog attacking Islam, President Barack Obama and Democrats in general, but in an interview with the Post this week she said she is only trying to make people aware “of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat” and claims the number of attacks cited in the ad is a “fact” taken from the website, which has also been accused of inflating its numbers and making racist and unfair criticisms of Islam.

Ms. Geller has brought this campaign nationally, recently taking out ads in San Francisco, Calif. with even stronger language, saying supporting Israel and “defeating jihad” is supporting the “civilized man” over the “savage.” Those ads have not been displayed in the area. Last month, a New York judge upheld her ability to run the ads under First Amendment grounds of freedom of speech when the MTA tried to block them.

“It is not creating paranoia or calling for discrimination to declare opposition to an ideology that denies the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law,” Ms. Geller said.

She later added, “The core texts and teachings of Islam teach warfare against and subjugation of non-Muslims. Those who commit violence in the name of Islam can and do point to those teachings to justify their actions, and armed group of Muslims are committing violence in the name of Islam on a virtually daily basis around the world. There are, by contrast, no armed groups committing violence in the name of Judaism and Christianity and justifying them by reference to the Torah or the New Testament, and those religions do not teach the necessity to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers.”

Statements like that from Ms. Geller have earned her sharp criticism in the past as have her associations with far-right European anti-Islamic organizations that have been classified as hate groups internationally. The Southern Poverty Law Center has her listed as one of “30 new activists heading up the radical right.”

Ms. Littman said that what the sign represents and the statements of the people behind the ads are destructive and bigoted.

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