Friday, August 3, 2012

Local Sudanese man kidnapped and arrested by al-Bashir's Islamic regime

Now jihad comes home to roost in the Willamette Valley.  Rudwan Dawod was an International Studies student at LCC and had married a local Cottage Grove woman, Nancy Williams.  Dawod was in Khartoum for a peace march and rally when he was arrested and charged with terrorism.  Now we know Dawod is not a jihadist or Islamist, but the point here is that by placing himself in the cross-hairs of al-Bashir's Islamic government he was bound to be nabbed and tortured. That is what Islam does to its enemies, and no one should be surprised at his treatment.  Bashir is an international criminal and there is an arrest warrant out for him, issued by the International Criminal Court in Brussels.  Why he has not been captured and tried, I don't know.

North Sudan is Islam country while the newly separated South Sudan is mostly Christian.  Bashir does not like that there are kuffir living on his southern border and after the separation vowed to make life for the southerners a living hell.  So far he has succeeded, capturing Christians and killing them, as well as harassing those that protest his government, like Dawod.  Dawod is project director for Sudan Sunrise, a NGO trying to bring peace and stability to war-torn Sudan and his app[earance at the rally in Khartoum brought him into the spotlight and presented an opportunity for Bashir to capture and torture a man of avowed peace.

He needs our support, but we also must understand that to remain silent on the driving force behind Dawod's capture will only result in more being taken and misused.  It is Islam that drives the behavior of Bashir and North Sudan, it is Islam that is responsible for Dawod's capture and it is ultimately Islam that is responsible as to whether he returns unscathed save for the marks left by the torture.

Pray for the safe return of Rudwan Dawod, and pray that we begin the dialogue that identifies Islamic theology as the prime mover of Bashir and all Islamic countries in order to open the dialogue up for reform and change in Islam and Muslims world-wide.

From the Register-Guard August 4 by Karen McGowan

Sudan holds local man

Lane Community College officials have joined an international chorus of voices urging the government of Sudan to release a Springfield man arrested July 3 at a peaceful student protest that he helped organize in the capital city, Khartoum.

Rudwan Dawod, 30, recently completed LCC’s English as a Second Language program, which he began after marrying Cottage Grove native Nancy Williams. Now Nancy Dawod, she works at Umpqua Bank and is due to deliver their first child — a daughter they plan to name “Sudan” — in September. She said the Sudanese administration has falsely accused her husband of being a terrorist — a charge that could lead to the death penalty.

LCC President Mary Spilde said Rudwan Dawod was well respected at LCC and appeared in a video about the school’s international student program.

“Our international program staff alerted us to this issue,” Spilde said after the college issued a press release Thursday in support of Dawod. She said college officials wanted U.S. and international leaders to know that “there’s awareness and concern locally about bringing this young man back to his wife and about-to-be child.”

A noble goal, but why didn't Spilde also stand up for my first amendment right of free speech and my right to teach a class that she took as Islamophobic because of a press release by CAIR?

Local residents wishing to show support for Dawod can do so by visiting the website of Sudan Sunrise, the ecumenical reconciliation and reform group he was working for at the time of his arrest. (That site also directs supporters to a Facebook page, Justice for Rudwan.)

Rudwan and Nancy Dawod met when both were volunteering with Sudan Sunrise to build an elementary school in war-torn, politically oppressed South Sudan in 2009, she said Thursday.

The implication then is that Islam is political, not just a religion.  Lets be real; the political oppression is because of Islamic doctrine and the requirement for Muslims to either convert, subjugate or war against those that are non-Muslim.

Go to Sudan Sunrise to contribute and support Rudwan Dawod.  

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to clarify that the words "politically oppressed South Sudan" did NOT come from me. While Karen did a great job writing this article, she took the liberty of adding words which I didn't say. - Nancy Dawod

Barry Sommer said...

Nancy, thank you for clarifying Karen's reporting, I appreciate the fact that you want the reader to know that the phrase "politically oppressed" are Karen's words alone, not yours. I would ask you, do you believe that the newly liberated South Sudan is being oppressed by Bashir in the North? Is the killing of Christians in the South by Bashir a cause for concern for you and Rudwan, and is the fact that Islam dominates Bashir's behavior also a concern for the both of you? Our prayers go out to you and Rudwan, we hope he comes home safe and soon.