Thursday, August 9, 2012

Third time is the charm; Ft. Hood jihadist gets another contempt charge for refusing to shave

I have reported on this each time it happens, and now we have the next unfortunate chapter to write about.  Maj. Nidal Hasan has again refused to shave off the beard, resulting in another contempt charge and more fines which will never be paid.  It's time to stop this charade and end the travesty this trial is.  Time for Hasan to be "wished into the cornfield" as it were so we waste not another dime on buying more dogs and ponies.

From KXXV August 9

Hasan found in contempt of court for the third time
The pious jihadist in all his hirsute glory
FORT HOOD - Alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan is being held in contempt for the third time after showing up to court on Thursday with a full beard.

Hasan has been told to shave multiple times and has received three fines totaling $3,000 for showing up with the beard that is against military standards.

A judge told Hasan at a previous hearing that if he has not clean shaven by the time the trial started, he (the judge) would shave his beard off himself.

Hasan was kicked out of the courtroom for the fourth time at Thursday's hearing and forced to watch the proceedings from a closed-circuit television in a trailer located outside the courtroom.

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