Thursday, August 16, 2012

Water-carrier for Jihad SPLC glad-hands MPAC at conference

The Southern Poverty Law Center, bastion of biased ethics against freedom and liberty have just had a meeting with the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood in America who are committed to destroying the West with its own miserable hand.  The SPLC does not, and will not track, monitor or report on jihad activity in America, preferring to leave that to Jewish NGOs.  Appearing to backtrack, the SPLC said that even though they don't monitor jihadists, "...we do cover black Muslim extremists and have written about such matters as the connections between radical Muslims and neo-Nazis."  Well that sure is comforting.  On the job to keep us safe from black Muslim and neo-Nazis, the SPLC  is there for you.  

Uh huh.

From Atlas Shrugs August 15 by Pamela Geller


The communists over at the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the gravest threats to freedom in the United States, as named in the AFDI Threats to Freedom Index, try to suppress the truth about the SPLC's subversive and dangerous ties. But this conference is revealing -- and comes as no surprise to longtime Atlas readers. The SPLC's Mark Potok and his paid stooges never met a jihadi they didn't like. The SPLC doesn't even have a category for Islamic jihadi groups or Muslim Brotherhood groups, whose stated goal (according to an internal, captured document) is to eliminate and destroy Western Civilization from within. The greatest threat facing our nation, our people, our world, and they are shilling for them and smearing those of us who are fighting for the preservation of our freedom.

An Atlas reader sent me an exchange he had with the SPLC's Mark Potok. Reader Bob wrote, "I started out by looking on their website for adefinition of the term ‘hate group' fully expecting that Islam would fit any reasonable definition. When I couldn't find such a definition (still can't today) I inquired." In the course of the exchange, Potok wrote back: "With regard to monitoring radical jihadists, we have made a pragmatic decision to leave that mainly to the major Jewish NGOs, which do a good job and have some real expertise that would likely take us years to develop." In other words, the real hate just doesn't matter to the SPLC. "Still," Potok continued, "we do cover black Muslim extremists and have written about such matters as the connections between radical Muslims and neo-Nazis."

In reality, they carry water for Islamic supremacists by smearing my organization as a "hate group." See the revealing video about the SPLC's defamation of me here.

And regarding MPAC, Discover the Networks has this:
Holding Israel entirely responsible for the "pattern of violence" in the Middle East, MPAC asserts that Hezbollah “could be called a liberation movement.” The Council likens Hezbollah members to American “freedom fighters hundreds of years ago whom the British regarded as terrorists.” In a November 1997 speech at the University of Pennsylvania, MPAC Co-Founder and Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati steadfastly refused to call Hezbollah a terrorist organization; he justified the existence of Hamas as a political entity and a provider of social programs and “educational operations”; and he equated jihadwith the sentiments of the American statesman Patrick Henry, whose “Give me liberty or give me death” declaration was, in Al-Marayati’s view, “a way of looking at the term jihad from an American perspective.” In a 1999 position paper, MPAC justifiedHezbollah’s deadly 1983 bombing of the American Marine barracks in Lebanon as a "military operation" rather than a terrorist attack. As Maher Hathout puts it: "Hezbollah is fighting for freedom, an organized army, limiting its operations against military people, this is a legitimate target against occupation. … this is legitimate, this is an American value -- freedom and liberty."

In November 2011, MPAC held a Washington, DC event in honor of Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of the Ennahda, the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate that had recently emerged victorious in the political elections in Tunisia. Ghannouchi is a longtime Islamist who, during the 1990s, was invited to the United States by Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian but was banned from the country. Yet by MPAC's reckoning, Ghannouchi is “one of the most important figures in modern Islamic political thought and theory.”

Just a few months prior to the November 2011 event, in an interview with an Arab-language website, Ghannouchi had statedthat the Arab Spring “will achieve positive results on the path to the Palestinian cause and threaten the extinction of Israel.”Added Ghannouchi: “I give you the good news that the Arab region will get rid of the bacillus of Israel. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the leader of Hamas, said that Israel will disappear by the year 2027. I say that this date may be too far away, and Israel may disappear before this.”

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