Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pakistan: Baubles blamed on blast

No injuries, just property damage this time.  The owner of the store had received threatening letters telling her to stop selling decadent styles and jewelry, otherwise there would be problems.  Interestingly, the store not only sells women's clothing and accessories but it is also run and staffed by women.  So it is OK to blow up a women's business selling clothes but not OK to sell women's clothes.

Got it.

From the Daily Times August 23

Women’s shopping store blown up in Landikotal

LANDIKOTAL: A bomb went off in a women’s shopping store in KhugaKhel area of Landikotal on Monday. However, no casualty was reported in the blast, local sources said. Some unidentified militants had already warned the owners of the general store not to sell women items like clothes, shoes, bangles and other products. They warned them to close their business. Majority of the locals were of the view that the women general store has facilitated the local women to purchase items of their choice. It would be worth mentioning that the stores for women in Landikotal are also run by women. After an explosion in a mobile shop, people said that it was an alarming situation and the area might once again become a hub of militants to sabotage the peaceful environment.

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