Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diabetic Christian beaten during Ramadan for drinking water

The translation is a bit hard to follow, but the gist is a man stopped during the day to drink water from a public source, and when local Muslims saw him and, after asking what he was doing, and the man replying that he was Christian and sick the Muslims began beating him until he escaped to his car and managed to drive off.

Ah. the glories of peaceful Islam and it's respectable adherents.

From Light-Dark July 27

Copt beaten during the day drinking water

...came to us from Mrnm known and famous the following
that the husband of his sister was walking to his car in Maadi on 27-7 - 2012 hit extreme thirst because of illness sugar could not endurance came down from his car to drink the reduced in the street combines three of the passers-by and asked him why you are Creator said to them, I am a Christian and a patient said to him, Christian violin and beat him and shot him in the face of serious injuries and gathering bystanders, but unfortunately all the negative did not interfere, but after receiving lots of beatings and insults and fled the man of whom miraculously and rode his car quickly and is now Allalaj receive in a hospital

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