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Doing business with the devil

Arcapita world offices; air-conditioned jihad

Two of the businesses in the article are no longer owned by Arcapita Bank (Caribou Coffee and Churches Chicken) but J.Jill and PODS are.  If you do business with either of these, please consider stopping.  Read the article and you will understand why.

From BadEagle December 28 by David Yeagley

Jihad-Free Holiday Gifts: Check That List Twice!

What do Caribou Coffee, Church’s Chicken, J. Jill, and PODS Moving and Storage have in common?

They are all owned by Muslim Brotherhood-linked Arcapita Bank (formerly known as First Islamic Investment Bank).

Unlike most banks, Arcapita boasts a “spiritual advisor”–none other than Hamas-linked terrorist Youssef al-Qaradawi. Qaradawi, you’ll remember, is the current spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was exiled from Egypt under Mubarak, but nowhe’s b-a-a-ack, thanks to U.S. support of the “Arab Spring”.
This is the same Qaradawi who has defended Hitler, pushed for Islamic countries to acquire nuclear weapons for use in jihad, and confirmed that chopping off hands for stealing–as taught by Muhammad (Qur’an 5.38)–can be re-introduced into the “new” Egypt at a later date, as Egyptians learn to submit to orthodox shari’a.

Arcapita, presumably short for “Arab Capital”, buys and sells businesses at a profit. The current list of their holdings is available in their 2011 annual statement (pages 12-13). (If there’s no “exit date” listed, they still own that company.)

Arcapita is based in Bahrain, but it’s U.S. HQ is in Atlanta. First Islamic Investment Bank changed its name to Arcapita in 2005, after the Qaradawi connection went public. They had tried “Crescent Capital” for their American branch, but apparently decided the Islamic link was still too obvious with that moniker. Muslims know that Islam is not selling well in the West; they are careful to conceal Islamic ties with name-changes so consumers cannot connect the dots to brand names or distinguish between products that fund terrorism and those that do not.

Arcapita’s spiritual advisor serves on the bank’s “Shari’ah Supervisory Board” (see p. 113) to ensure that all financial transactions are shari’a-compliant, or SCF. What does SCF include? That varies somewhat depending on which Islamic legal school one is consulting, but always bans anything involving “gambling, alcohol, pornography, dealing in pork products, or interest payments.”

Although Qaradawi no longer serves on that board–he resigned shortly after his involvement with Arcapita went public–it is clear that the firm’s allegiance to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood remains the same. One of the board’s four members, Muhammad Usmani, is involved with both the Islamic Society of North America see p.62)
and the Islamic Circle of North America (see p. 40), both MB front groups. In 2010, Dow Jones dropped Usmani as an Islamic Index advisor when it discovered his terrorist connections.

Three of the four members belong to the Islamic Fiqh Academy, also MB. When it comes to Islam, connections to terrorist networks are never far away.

The Shari’a Board ensures Arcapita’s compliance with Islamic law. Shari’a is the total package–state, religion, finance, dress code, and social mores all rolled into one. As a former Muslim Brotherhood leader put it, “Islam is . . . a practical way of life for all mankind”, “divinely-ordained” that provides a “total view of the universe” (Sayyid Qutb, Milestones Loca 1028, 640, 1145, 1174, 1135, 270).

That “way of life” dominates all Muslim business dealings and may explain why Obama’s aides often meet with lobbyists–many of them Muslim–at Caribou across from the White House. Meeting off-site ensures that the FBI and Secret Service are not privy to these trysts and MB visitors won’t be recorded on the official White House log books. If you can support a jihadi business at the same time, why not?

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