Monday, December 10, 2012

California: Church to host jihad-supporting MPAC

All Saints Church in Pasadena decided to go ahead with their conference, claiming victimhood after a few hate emails arrived, protesting MPAC hosting this event.  Obviously the church leaders did no research into MPAC or their history, if they had they might have made a different decision.  Although, with Christians trying to find any common cause with Islam today it is not really a wonder why this church decided to have MPAC as the leader of this conference.  Go here for the history of MPAC and see for yourself.

From the Los Angeles Times December 6

Despite hate mail, Pasadena church will host Muslim event

Despite receiving a slew of hate mail, All Saints Church in Pasadena is moving forward with a conference hosted by the Muslim Public Affairs Council -- the first time the organization has conducted an event at a Christian church.

All Saints Rev. Ed Bacon described the emails his congregation received as “some of the most vile, mean-spirited emails I’ve ever read in my life.”

“When we scheduled this event we had absolutely no anticipation that we would have this kind of response,” Bacon said, adding that none of the emails made actual threats.

Salam al-Marayati, president of Los Angeles-based MPAC, said his organization is working with the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and local authorities to ensure the Dec. 15 event is safe. The event is expected to discuss the state of the American Muslim community.

“The hate-mongerers have made our convention relevant so we saved on our marketing budget, so some of the money was transferred to extra security,” al-Marayati said, half-jokingly. “We are taking extra precautions, but at this point there is no threat to the convention.”

Church officials believe the hate mail was prompted by an article posted by Washington D.C.-based Institute on Religion and Democracy. The piece alludes to connections between MPAC and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The information about MPAC is all true, there is no allusion about it.

“Yet again, the Islamists are taking advantage of na├»ve Christians with a desire to show off their tolerance,” said Ryan Mauro, a writer for the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

Institute President Mark Tooley, said the piece didn’t call for people to send hate mail, adding that MPAC hasn’t denied any of the article's points and instead only offered a broad response.
“I think it’s wrong for people to send nasty emails to anybody,” Tooley said. “For the couple of nasty emails they received, to portray themselves as victims, is somewhat of an exaggeration.”

The tone and candor of the emails is what caught the church's attention, said Susan Russell, senior associate at All Saints Church.“So dripping with vitriol and the worst possible demonization of people of other faiths,” Russell said. “What they offered us was basically a window into the ugly underbelly of Islamaphobia.”

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