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New Jersey AG Chiesa plays the dhimmi to NJ Muslims, apologizes for thinking they are anything but peaceful

Bowing and scraping to his (new) masters instead of saying that anyone who plots or conspires to damage or destroy the US or its people will be held responsible, and that the expectation is that the Muslim community to do its part in identifying, and then turning in those who are talking jihad.  What Chiesa has done will have the same effect as looking for Mafia types in a Chinese restaurant.

Chiesa is not fit to lead New Jersey in either a security or legal frame.

From The Washington Post November 30 by Samantha Henry

NJ’s attorney general visits mosque as part of outreach after NYPD surveillance flap

NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa quietly visited a Newark mosque Friday that had been listed in a secret report by the New York Police Department, and he reassured worshippers that New Jersey officials do not believe certain groups of citizens have lesser rights than others.

Why would they think that?  All are equal in the US by virtue of the constitution and the Bill of Rights, unless something has changed I am not aware of.  Is some group crying to the police about their alleged reduction of civil rights, and if so, who might that be?  The angry Amish, perhaps?

Chiesa attended prayer services at Masjid Ibrahim, a modest, single-story mosque set up inside a ramshackle former commercial space in Newark. The mosque was among several in the report by the NYPD, which conducted surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey and elsewhere.
“It is not tolerable here in New Jersey for us to have people treated differently in this state — period,” Chiesa said.

The attorney general’s visit was part of an ongoing effort by his office to repair relations between Muslims and New Jersey law enforcement after The Associated Press uncovered the NYPD spying. The NYPD has said its actions were legal and it has the right to travel to other cities in carrying out its duties.

Cops are shown virtually every week, on TV shows like Law and Order (pick your variation) travelling outside their neighborhoods to investigate, and solve crimes.  Why should it be different in real life, or New Jersey for that matter?

Explaining to mosque-goers that he had only been in office about a month when the NYPD spying came to light, Chiesa said he was there to listen and answer questions from the community. He said he understood how badly he and his family would feel if they had been subjected to spying at their church or made to feel they could not freely practice their religion.

No one is restricting Muslims from practicing Islam, or calling for any taking of civil rights.  If it was that people claiming to belong to my church/denomination were killing in the name of that religion/denomination, and it was known that certain churches has been the place where these killers had met and planned their attack, then I would be the first to demand a call to arms to ferret out those who blacken my beliefs with their actions.  

The mosque’s imam, Mustafa El-Amin, is a member of the Muslim outreach committee formed by Chiesa’s office in the wake of the NYPD revelations. He has gained a following for oratory that translates the teachings of the Quran into modern-day parables, relevant to his largely poor and working-class African-American congregants.

El-Amin’s sermon on Friday was somewhat tailored to his visitors. He emphasized that Islam is a religion of peace and explained the significance of Friday prayers.

Taqiyya alert.

It’s not a conspiracy session. It’s not a session where we plot anything bad,” El-Amin said of Friday prayers. “All are welcome. Our doors are always open. We have nothing to hide.”

Non-Muslims are not allowed in a mosque without being invited, and on Friday night prayers you certainly cannot attend if not a Muslim.  This imam wants you to believe that you can walk in to a mosque at any time like with most church and feel welcome.  I would like an average person to walk into that mosque 10 minutes before the start of Friday prayers and see what happens.

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