Sunday, December 16, 2012

First round of voting in flux for Egypt; sharia opponents cry foul and demand another vote


I am still wondering where dhimmi Jimmy Carter is, to step in and look at the voting system and then declare his approval for the outcome.  Ever the Islamic apologist, he would be perfect to certify the election and assuage the worlds angst.

Jimmy, call your office!

From Al-Arabiya December 16

Egypt’s opposition shouts ‘violations,’ calls for vote repeat

Egypt’s main opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front, called on Sunday for a repeat of the first round of the constitutional referendum and wants a probe into 4,000 complaints it said took place during the vote.

Islamists claimed victory in the initial phase of the referendum, but the opposition alleged the balloting had been “marred by irregularities and violations,” the Front said in a statement obtained by Al Arabiya.
The two sides' positions drew out the deep uncertainty and division seen in Egypt over the past three weeks, a period marked by mass protests and deadly clashes.

A small majority of 56.5 percent voted for the draft charter, which was put to half of Egypt's 51 million voters on Saturday, according to the Freedom and Justice Party. They are the political branch of President Mohamed Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian media reported roughly the same figure, which fell short of the landslide victory the Brotherhood had been hoping for.

But the opposition National Salvation Front coalition said in a statement that it “will not recognize any unofficial result.”

The head of the Front, Mohamed ElBaradei, a former chief of the U.N. nuclear energy agency, tweeted of the first round: “Country split, flagrant irregularities, low turnout, disillusion with Islamists on the rise. Illiteracy remains a hurdle.”

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