Sunday, December 2, 2012

Islamic Jihad in Palestine calls for more "savage" attacks on Israel

The people Israel must make peace with by giving concessions, land and honor away in the name of tolerance.  They say it, be angry with them, not the reporting of it.  Those I know who support the refugees and want Israel to make real a two-state solution take what Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi says below as either not relevant or not what is meant.  Never an acceptance that anyone, let alone a Muslim would say Jews must die and Israel must disappear.  Never the agreement that Islamic ideology drives Hamas and the jihad against Israel.  The hatred of Israel is so deep within many that nothing short of God calling them home will change their tiny minds.

May God protect Israel from their enemies.

From IPT November 29 by Jon Rossomando

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Promises "Savage Round" of Fighting

A leader of the third-largest Palestinian faction told the Egyptian newspaper El-BaladThursday that the truce with Israel will be brief and that Palestinians are braced for a "more savage and bloody round" of fighting with Israel.

"We are preparing for a new, more savage round," Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi, a leading Palestinian Islamic Jihad figure told the newspaper. "We are in a short truce (hudna), the Israeli enemy is preparing for further rounds of war in Gaza."

The "resistance factions" must be prepared for the next battle, which will be more violent and "start the curve of the collapse of the Israeli occupation," Al-Hindi said Wednesday night at a ceremony honoring journalists working in the Gaza Strip.

The remarks underscore concerns that the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire will be temporary and that renewed violence is ahead.

Al-Hindi also told El-Balad that implementing the truce last week was delayed for hours because a Palestinian negotiator rejected Israel's demand that a sentence be included stating that the Palestinian terrorists "stop the attacks from the Gaza Strip."

"We will not accept any political solution that does not achieve the minimum demands of the Palestinian people," he said.

Which are the destruction of Israel and the scattering of the Jews to the four winds.  Hamas speaks for the refugees.  The Hamas Charter calls for Israel and Jews to go away permanently.  Simply put, any entity that follows the texts and tenets of Islam, as Hamas does is to be viewed as a mortal enemy, and dealt with as such.

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