Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good News! Jihad to end in 2030

So says the US intelligence community.  The belief is that since the West is winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with the new breed of young Muslim being less interested in fundamental Islam the conflict between Islam and the West will disappear in 18 years.

This is the kind of thinking that comes with a refusal to understand the doctrine which drives jihadists and pure Islam.  You know if this was a conversation on Christianity the critics would be all over those chapters and verses that show the evil side of Christianity.  Not so with Islam, for to do so would open the can of Islamophobia.

From CNS December 11 by Patrick Goodenough

U.S. Intelligence Report Says Islamist Terrorism ‘Could End by 2030’

( – The wave of Islamist terrorism is receding and “could end by 2030,” according to a new long-term assessment by the U.S. intelligence community.

In support of that projection, the study released on Monday said the view of America as the “great enemy” was becoming less appealing, resulting in part from the departure of U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. (The full report can be downloaded here.)

It also cited political upheavals in the Arab world, and said that a new generation of young Muslims may be less interested in the narrative of a “conflict between fundamental values.”

“Several circumstances are ending the current Islamist phase of terrorism, which suggest that as with other terrorist waves – the Anarchists in the 1880s and 90s, the postwar anti-colonial terrorist movements, the New Left in 1970s – the recent religious wave is receding and could end by 2030,” said the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030 report.

“The Arab uprisings have demonstrated the moral and strategic legitimacy of nonviolent struggle,” it argued. “Protesters acted in the name of democratic values, not in the name of religion.”

Yes, at the beginning of the "Arab Spring" but today it is all about religion.  Someone is not paying attention to this blog.

“The impending withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and decreases in U.S. forces in Afghanistan help to reduce the extent to which terrorists can draw on the United States as a lightning rod for anger,” it said. “Soon, U.S. support for Israel could be the last remaining major focus of Muslim anger.”

Which, if Obama is still in the WH will disappear in a puff of dhimmi smoke.

Since 1996 the NIC, which reports to the director of national intelligence, has prepared a trends analysis roughly every four years for the incoming president. This time it discussed the draft with experts in almost 20 countries, and the views of those “interlocutors” are reflected in the final 166-page document.

Despite the upbeat assessment on the likelihood of an end to Islamist terrorism, the report conceded that terror would probably not die out altogether.

Some al-Qaeda affiliates and groups like Hezbollah may continue to pose threats, and states like Iran and Pakistan could continue to use terror groups as proxies, it said.

Taking a global perspective, future terrorists could come from many different religions, including Christianity and Hinduism. Right-wing and left-wing ideological groups – some of the oldest users of terrorist tactics – also will pose threats.”

Over 20,000 jihad attacks worldwide since 9-11 and they are worried about Hindu terrorists.  Clueless asshats, the lot of them.

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