Friday, December 21, 2012

Tunisia: a new meaning to the phrase "kill your television"

Upset with the media, local Islamists staged a "flash mob" on a popular beach, turning it into a surreal sculpture garden by trashing dozens of TV sets.

Interesting take on how to express displeasure of TV programming.

From France24 December 19

Islamists throw TVs on beach to denounce “corrupt” media

Concerned by what they say is incompetent and corrupted media, the League for the Protection of the Revolution (LPR), a group of activists that is, according to Tunisia’s opposition, close to the Islamist party in power, organised a “flash mob” protest in the city of Sousse. Television sets were thrown onto the beach like rubbish.

After chanting slogans calling for the purification of the media, the protesters were asked to scatter their television sets and newspapers along Boujafaar beach, situated in the town centre.

To explain this, the LPR’s secretary general in Sousse, Lotfi Habchi, told the Tunisian press the media were failing in their duties to “illuminate public opinion, promote transparency, and deliver information objectively”.

The LPR says it is fighting against “the return of the old guards of Ben Ali’s regime”. The group already has several exploits to their name. One of the most striking was a clash on December 4 in Tunis between LPR supporters and activists for the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), Tunisia’s largest union. For the LPR, the UGTT should be “cleansed” for taking positions that were too different to those in power. The clashes injured around 20 people.

Nida Elayni is a doctor and protested against the media in Sousse on Sunday;
"I decided to march to protest against the media as I think they seriously lack objectivity. I didn’t go and throw my television on the beach, but I found the move interesting. It certainly drew a lot of attention. I’m not part of the LPR, and I would never vote for Ennahda [the Islamist party in power]. I am a patriot concerned about my country’s best interests. But I do share their view when they say the media are supporting the counter-revolution and doing all they can to favour a return to the old guards of Ben Ali’s regime...."

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