Sunday, December 16, 2012

Honor hacking in India

Another in the continuing line of articles telling of the death of a young man at the hands of his lovers family because they both followed their heart.  Now there are a couple of circumstances told in the article below which I think some in the West could use as a justification for the murder, but the point is this was done using the sharia law and the example of Muhammad as "al-insan al-kamil" or the perfect man.

From The Times of India December 13

Ex-sarpanch hacked to death for eloping with girl

MACHERLA: In a gruesome incident, a former village sarpanch of a tribal hamlet was hacked to death for eloping with a girl from another community as the elders in her family were against their marriage. The incident took place in the wee hours of Wednesday at Ekonampet village of Macherla mandal in Guntur district. Two others, including the girl who married the tribal leader, were also injured in the incident.

According to information, Sreenu Naik, 30, of Ekonampet village fell in love with one Shaik Fatima, 23, of Macherla town a few years ago. However, Fathima's elders objected to their marriage as Sreenu Naik was already married and had two children. However, to get the consent of the family members of Fathima, Sreenu Naik, reportedly deserted his first wife and children.
Even then the family members of the girl and religious elders strongly objected to Sreenu's marriage proposal to Fathima and warned him to keep away from her. The story took a curious twist when Fathima herself left home to live with Sreenu. The couple fled Macherla town and were residing at Ekonampet village. Feeling humiliated by Fathima's decision, her brothers reportedly began hatching a plot to eliminate Sreenu about six months ago and got the chance on Wednesday.

Armed with deadly weapons, they reached the village in the early hours and tried to barge into the house. As the door was locked from inside, the assailants removed tiles on the roof and entered the house. At least three persons are said to have entered the house and hacked Sreenu to death. The victim died on the spot as he was attacked with sickles and axes and stabbed several times. When a terrified Fathima shouted for help, the offenders attacked her too leaving her with a severe head injury. A neighbour Sakru Naik, who rushed to the spot, was also attacked by the fleeing offenders. Sakru Naik suffered bleeding injuries. Locals rushed to the spot and took the injured to hospital. Macherla police launched an investigation into the case. With Sakru Naik's condition turning critical, the police shifted him to the Government General Hospital (GGH) at Guntur. Fathima is recovering at the Macherla government hospital.

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