Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FGM; Don't talk, Don't help

What is it about Islam where they cut their women in order to please the man? The practice is found in other cultures but is predominate within Islamic countries. It should not be predominate in non-Islamic countries, however it is becoming that in England. Every year, 3,500 young girls suffer the indignity of having their clitoris removed, and anyone who complains is a dirty Islamophobe. Wait, do I hear the Arab countries, Western feminists and the liberal media combining forces to help rescue these victims of Islamic ideology?


From The London Evening Standard November 28 by Anna Davis

3,500 girls are at risk of mutilation in the capital

More than three thousand London girls are at risk of genital mutilation every year, experts warned today.

The report by black and ethnic minority women's organisation Imkaan found that in the city 3,500 baby girls are born every year to mothers who have suffered female genital mutilation, and therefore are at risk themselves. This is an increase of 65 per cent in 10 years.

Only one thing can be traced to this obscene rise in FGM; immigration from Arab countries.

Imkaan is calling for all school teachers to be trained to help girls who are facing violence and is calling on David Cameron to tackle the issue.

Marai Larasi, director of Imkaan, said: "It is not acceptable that in 2011 many girls and women living in Britain face extreme, violent threats to their safety and even to their lives. These issues are neglected because of fears of being labelled at best culturally insensitive and at worst racist.

One could be accused of a "hate crime" by any Muslim who feels their "culture" is being threatened by questioning a tenet of Islam.

"There would be outrage and a national scandal if this were happening to little white girls. Every girl should be protected, no matter her background."


The report's authors said girls from African families, as well as Afghan, Turkish, South Asian, Kurdish, Arab and Irish traveller families are among those who could be at risk...

Uh, the Irish? Unless they are referencing Muslims from Ireland this makes no sense.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

Unfortunately it isn't always "just" removing a little girls clitoris.
FGM also entails the removal of the clitoral hood, the clitoris itself, the labia majora and the labia minora. This procedure is done without anesthesia except for the few "lucky" little girls whose parents have enough money and
are "enlightened" enough to take them to a doctor. After all of the external genitals have been removed, the little girls are sewn up, leaving a small opening for urine to pass. Some girls have been sewn so completely that when they reach puberty, they are unable to menstruate. Girls often bleed to death, die from shock or die from infection/sepsis. Childbirth is often complicated by having had this mutilation and maternal and fetal deaths occur.
A womans capacity for sexual pleasure is forever ruined.
And all of this is done to ensure that girls remain PURE before marriage, to ensure their virginity.